Blue Cross UTI Test Home Kit Review

By Mhownai - July 05, 2019

Last week, my mom went home from work chilling and it seems like she’s having a high fever. We were weird out with what happened to her because she was well and energetic when she left the house that morning. Immediately, we know the culprit - UTI.

As you may not know, my mom has been diagnosed with a Type 2 diabetes ever since she was younger and this diabetes became worse and sometimes affect her urethra that’s why when she experiences terrible UTI.

As soon as we determine the possible cause of her sickness, I invite her to go to the hospital but Watsons was just a blessing in disguise and they have a Home Kit available for UTI which I have with me so we immediately tried it.

In my own personal view, the kit looks similar to a pregnancy test strip but the only difference is that, in the pregnancy test, you need to see the lines if it’s a double line, you are pregnant. In this UTI kit, it is color-coded, there’s also a color chart that comes with it so once you see your results, you can compare the color of the PH strip on the chart to see if you are positive with the UTI or not. 

The process was simple. All you have to do is gather your pee in a pee cup or whatever cup you have at home and then dip the ph strip on the urine, wait for 2 minutes before comparing the color of the PH strip on the chart. 

As you can see here, my mom was obviously positive with UTI after we knew the result, we gave her some home remedies such as drinking coconut water and more fluids to cleanse her UTI and she can urinate more.

On Monday morning, she went to their company's doctor to have a check up and her doctor was amazed that we were able to detect it immediately, all though she still recommended mom to have a urinalysis test for her UTI in a hospital to see the count of the bacterias so she will take the right dose of medicine. 

Over all, UTI Test Home Kit is a must in all house hold. It is a good way to think ahead and be advance when someone in our family members experience sickness. But of course, I still recommend seeing a professional and never self-medicate. This is just a good add-ons to your first aid kit at home. 

UTI Test Home Kit is available in all Watsons branch near you. 

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