A'Bloom Finally Blooms Here in PH

By Mhownai - May 22, 2019

As a makeup lover, I am always in search of what's new in the market but of course, there are things that I always put into consideration: first, it should be affordable. Let's be real, our hobby is not as affordable as many people expected. Some people would even spend thousands for a beauty product but in my case, I always look for products that suit my budget. Second, it supposed to have a good performance and won't damage my face in any way. Of course, that's one of the most common things we look for in a product.

Althea Korea which has been my personal assistant for my everyday K-Beauty needs is down again with another affordable yet amazing products that won't only suit everyone's style, budget but also our needs.

Introducing- A'Bloom which is the first ever Althea Korea's beauty tool and masks. In this line, they do have 3 products that suit our needs for makeup and skincare.

First on the list will be their facemask which I'm absolutely excited for. It comes in four variants: Nourishing Avocado Mask, Anti Blemish Peach Mask, Moisturizing Watermelon Mask, and Brightening Lemon Lime Mask.

Don't worry I'll be making a separate post for my insights about their amazing product.

But their masks are made with 100% Natural Eucalyptus Sheet which is perfect for moisture charge and has an excellent adherence. It is also eco-friendly which no optical brightener, formaldehyde and heavy metal that gives your skin comfort and amazing texture.

Their face masks passed the non-irritation test and KFDA Approved so there's no need to worry about allergic reactions since they are safe to use even to those who have sensitive skin.

Do you know what's more interesting in this product? It's price. Guys, it's only 20 pesos per piece and only 180 pesos for 10 pcs. SEE! THIS IS SO AFFORDABLE. I'm so excited to try this for myself and share it with you.
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Second would be another product that would suit our skincare needs - BHA Blackhead Blaster

We all hate blackheads and whiteheads, right? And most of the products in the market that removes them are too painful, I remember whenever I use nose strips, I literally cry my eyes out in order for me to remove the tape and that usually depends on the product and how sticky this is. Sometimes, they would just hurt you but not 'harvest' the black or whiteheads which is awful.
but in this case, in BHA Blackhead Blaster, they offer NO PAIN black and whitehead removal.
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This is so amazing because it can achieve a clearer nose in just 1 minute and since this product is gentle on the skin, it will not irritate our sensitive skin. And what's better, it can be used to scrub your elbows or heels to make it whiter.

For its price of 200 pesos, I'm very much excited to see how this product works for my face. I may also include the experience of my bubba since he has more black and whiteheads than me and for me, I might use it on my ankles and elbows to achieve much smoother skin.

Lastly which is the one that I'm more excited for- they MERINGUE PUFFS.

Their puffs come in two sizes - Giant and the Baby size, both of these puffs last to 1.5x than their initial size and can be used both damp and dry. What's better about this product is that they are latex-free and doesn't contain toxic materials which suit well for the sensitive skin. 
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<3 p="">This product is suitable for makeup beginners since this is much easier to use compared to other makeup tools. It provides a flawless finish and can be used not only for your base but also for your skincare as well. 
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<3 p="">For the price of 140 pesos for 3-piece Small Meringue Puffs and 100 for a Giant Meringue Puffs, I'm very excited to try this out since this is the first time to find a good brand who offers a very affordable product that suits well for our skin. 
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<3 p="">A'Bloom is available on Althea Korea website. Check the link here.

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