Time to Burn Some Candles with Conscents

By Mhownai - March 13, 2019

Candles are usually bought by many for aesthetic purpose same goes with me, I tend to purchase candles not to burn them but to place it on my table to make it look fancy, however, I realized that candles are more than just a decoration, it provides tranquility and serenity in our body hence, it is a good way for us to relax ourselves after being pressure in school or at work.

To be honest, I thought that candles are just wax but little did I know that there's also Soy Candles. Just like what I have received from Conscents.

About the brand

Conscents Scented Soy Candles was founded by Micah Clemente who came up with this amazing idea as she has been exposed to too much pressure with her academics when taking her Masters course in UA&AP. She conceptualized a specific item that wouldn't only smell good but also would help her increase her focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

The product is made of handmade and hand poured that includes a blend of the first class of soy waxes and fragrances. These candles are eco-friendly and provide health benefits including positive well-being.

Conscents have 5 varieties of candles to choose from:

Bedtime Stories

This candle said to sooth and provide a calming effect on the user, it also relieves anxiety and manages insomnia. Furthermore, it relieves PMS for women and relaxes and eases body tension. 

Work It Out

This candle is said to boost cognitive functioning and memory. Also, it helps the use concentrate and keeps the mind active furthermore, it eliminates mosquitoes. 

Me Time

This candle would bring calmness and soothing effect to manage stress and helps us relax mind and body. It also makes us feel energetic and optimistic and lastly, it would relieve our headaches. 

Morning Inspiration

This product makes the user feel energized and brighten up the day, furthermore, it regains zest and relaxes our minds and furthermore, brings in pleasant thoughts and lastly, it brings cognitive function. 

Chill Nights

This candle would relieve body tensions and sore muscles, also it helps the user manage stress and nervousness and calms the mental fatigue. Lastly, it has a natural congestant that relieves itchy throat. 

Personal Experience

I received Work It Out and Me Time and I was so impressed about the package it was placed in a tin can which is my first time to see such product. It was packed nicely and their label is matte so I'm very liking it, the fonts used was readable so I was able to read all the necessary information that I needed.

Regarding smell, my favorite is Me Time which smells like a rose which is one of my most favorite scents for Work It Out, on one hand, is not my cup of tea since I am not a big fan of cinnamons, it makes me feel dizzy so I refrain from cinnamon scented products or even cinnamon flavor good thing my partner really loves Cinnamon so he was the one who tried the product for me.

When we burned the candle I was so impressed by the scent it provided the Me Time smells like a garden or I consider a church smell, it was so refreshing, relaxing and it is perfect to burn on the evening. While Work It Out smells like a dessert specifically cinnamon bread. It made me feel hungry.

I'm more into the mosquitoes eliminating benefits of this cinnamon and it worked well. I love to burn it in the dawn wherein mosquitoes often occur, I noticed that it was eliminated and my son doesn't have mosquito bites anymore which was really impressive that's why I tend to burn it whenever he's outside the home to be specific, in the garage.

For the price of 200 each or 900 a bundle, I would say that it is really affordable.

For more information, you may check their social media accounts:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/conscentsph/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/conscentsph/

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