Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist x Althea Korea (Full Review)

By Mhownai - February 25, 2019

For people who are always on the go, they wanted to stay fresh, smell fresh and look fresh. Most especially in tropical countries like the Philippines staying and fresh can be quite a challenge since most of the cities here are a concrete jungle.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of perfumes and body mist because I developed huge insecurity regarding my body scent 2 years ago. I tend and aim to smell fresh all the time and to be honest with you, I have over 2 to 3 bottles of different kinds of perfume and mists on my body.

Flowers and Fruit Scented Body Mist Perfect For You

I would like to introduce the very first celebrity collaboration of Althea Korea with Indonesia's sweetheart, Titi Kamal who's famous for her songs and movies. Althea Korea is in awe for their first celebrity collaboration EVER! I mean who doesn't she looks like Erich Gonzaga of the Philippines, right?

This body mist is personal for Titi for the reason that her favorite scents are in there- fruity and floral which would definitely give you a fresh feeling that every ladies need throughout the day.

Personal Thoughts

I am loving the packaging guys, really girly yet remains its classy packaging. The size of the bottle is just right to fit in your bag which is a time saving for ladies who don't want to bring a humungous bottle of perfume with them.

Its perfume pump is really easy to work with, I have experienced so many perfume pumps from high end down to the most affordable ones which pumps are hard to press and sometimes damaged but with this, it's really easy to press plus the sprits are really gentle on the skin which evenly distribute on my body.

The scent was really light and fresh on my skin, whenever I wear it, I am always receiving so many compliments that I smell girly and fresh. Furthermore, the longevity of this product last for at least 2 to 4 hours which was so impressive for a body mist, who would have thought, right? A body mist would last it long.

A piece of advice- when you just got off from the shower, sprit some perfume on your skin and let the air dry the water from your body, the perfume last longer. To be honest, it works wonders!

For its price (P 450 only) it's quite pricey but when I was able to try the product for myself it was so worth it and I'm so pleased to buy my second bottle.

Want to try this product? Try it here

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