Authentic Japanese Ramen on a budget? Check out Tomochan Ramen Express

By Mhownai - November 24, 2018

Food has always been my comfort food and I always eat, a lot whether it would be a healthy snack or fast food, I always make sure that I am equipped with enough food to alleviate my mood as what other people would say "Eat your feelings out".

This year I have been very addicted to eating ramen for the reason that my friends love noodles and even though some of the ramen houses nearby costs a fortune, I still tend to follow them through somehow but this time, I am very happy to experience a very affordable yet yummy authentic Japanese Ramen that recently purchased here in Fairview Terraces - Tomochan Ramen Express


Tomochan Ramen Express was founded by Akiko Okamoto with a vision to share what authentic Japanese delight to Filipinos and all over the world without spending so much money on quality and taste. She took a big step when she opened its first ever store located in Angeles City, Pampanga in July 2017. Since then her business flourished with other four flagship stores all over the Philippines.

Tomochan Ramen Express was considered as "Solid Friendship" with its two Japanese words "Tomo" and "Chan" combined. "Tomo" was derived from the word "Tomodachi" which the Japanese term for 'a friend' meanwhile "Chan" is typically used for 'miss/little children/close friends' Hence, Tomochan is a solid friendship that promotes love, loyalty, and dedication.

First Ever Experience

As I arrived there in the Food Choices at Ayala Terraces, I immediately saw the stall which is a positive impression for me since I am always looking for a restaurant that is accessible. I immediately noticed how clean their counter is and how organized their condiments section at the right side of the counter.

The staffs are very much courteous and assist me to order which ones would I like to taste. To be honest, I am very much impressed by how Tomochan provided 2 types of ramen: Tokyo Shoyu and Miso Basic with 4 different ramen on each category. Looking at them on the menu, it looks mouthwatering but I still opted for a Miso Special which is my favorite type of ramen. Also, they have Rice meals available they have Chicken Karage, Katsu and Gyoza. For me, I opt for Katsu.

The overall ambiance of the place is nothing spectacular since it is located in a food section of the mall wherein there are lots of stalls beside it but what's good is that you can easily see if your ramen is ready to be picked up and the counter is really spacious so that people will have a comfortable experience without the feeling of being queued up while waiting for your order.

As soon as I received my order I was surprised to see how big their serving is for the ramen. It is so worth it for 169 pesos. Meanwhile, the katsu's a little bit small for the cup of rice but I personally didn't mind since I didn't eat the rice during the moment.


The taste was amazing! It looks and tastes delicious I have nothing to say, the noodles are firm and the miso broth was spectacular although compared to other ramen houses that I've been in wherein they placed corn in the ramen, Tomochan doesn't have any corn but that's okay still I can taste the umami flavor and the miso combined! It tastes a little bit spicy for my liking but still, I was able to manage to finish the entire bowl.

For the Katsu, the meat was tender and juicy and it fits well with the Japanese mayo which is one of the basic element in Japanese cuisine. The rice was okay though I know that it's not the authentic Japanese rice still, I didn't mind is because the Katsu suits my liking really well.


Just like what I have mentioned a while back Tomochan has 8 variety of ramens over all that ranges from 99 pesos to 169 pesos and for me, it's really worth it! This suits well for people who are on a tight budget but famished and really need to have an on-the-go ramen asap.

The Tomochan provided a 3 rice meal which is priced for only 79 pesos only. From my experience, it is just so-so I hope by the time I ordered Katsu again it would be bigger.

They also have 2 Set Meals available for everyone who would like to check out their menu which is perfect because of its affordability plus you get everything you would want to taste in their menu.


I highly recommend it to everyone especially those who love Japanese Ramen but on a tight budget. The service was very quick, courteous staff and the most important thing: you get your money's worth! Check them out!

Other Branches

Marquee Mall
Food Choice, Level 2, Marquee Mall, Angeles City

New Point Mall
Lower Ground, New Point Mall, Angeles City

Solenad Mall
Fiesta Market, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Fairview Terraces
Food Choices, Second Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Quezon City

LKG Tower Branch
Food Odyssey, 11th Floor, LKG Tower, Makati City

Stay tuned for their other branches!

Check their website at for more information

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