Coca-Cola once again brings OPM artist and fanatics together in one fun-filled event- Coke Studio PH Season 2

By Mhownai - September 06, 2018

I grew up with music and it became a huge impact on my life, as I got older, I became curious about different genres of music but nothing beats our very own.

I remember when I was in high school, we spent hours in our friend's house to just chill while eating junk foods and of course, an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Oh, memories!

I was one of the lucky bloggers to witness how Coca-Cola gathered the music lovers of old and the new generation in one event held last Saturday at World Trade Center- Coke Studio Homecoming.

I regret not joining the first season last year and the Coke Marawi because of the weather condition but now, I'm very happy I joined and I will not miss any Coke events anymore, hopefully.

As soon as I entered the event place, I definitely felt the vibe of Coca-Cola's event with musicians playing in the background with a massive LED tunnel-like accent before reaching into the event haul.

The line was queueing as early as 1PM. Indeed, OPM is not dead.

Upon entering the event was really huge and the design of the event was awesome! Designed by a rustic, modernized look with the famous lines of the Coca-Cola's artist of this year had filled the event with 2 giant LED TV for the crowd and a ginormous stage that was lit well with red, yellow, white that matches really well with the overall color of the theme.

It was really awesome and it feels very nostalgic as you can definitely mingle with different Original Pinoy Music (OPM) artist. I was a bit sad that I was too shy to take photos with them. Haha! Next year, I promise.

Meanwhile, outside, there's a little stage outside right in front of the entrance wherein the music was continuously played by other OPM artists which was really cool, music never stops!

The media launch was awesome! Mr. Stephan Czypionka, Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President of Marking said "We received such an overwhelming response during the first season of Coke Studio PH and this really inspired us to work harder this second season and to explore ways to take it further. Last year, Coke Studio become a home for OPM and now we want to continue and strengthen that legacy, making sure that the younger generation and the new lineup of artists can feel that same sense of belonging."

After the media launch, some OPM artists mingle with us and took photos of their lyric LED light (I don't know how to explain it, sorry)

It was surprising that this artist's line up is mixed of solo and indie band but it was incredible, of course, the ever famous Ben and Ben and IV of Spades crashed the limelight in the event too bad December Avenue- one of my most fave band was not in the launching but that's okay. Some of the individual artist like Quest, KZ, Sam Concepcion, Khalil Ramos, Patty Tui, and Shanti Dope shone their passion for music, I spotted Moira's fiance on the event but I wasn't able to saw Moira in person- sad. But either way, I'm so excited for the upcoming collaborations of these artists.

To make it more detailed, his are the complete list of the artists for this season:

  • December Avenue
  • IV of Spades
  • Khalil Ramos
  • Kriesha 
  • Patty Tui
  • Quest
  • Shanti Dope
  • KZ Tandingan
  • Ben and Ben
  • AJ Rafael
  • Moira
  • Juan Miguel Severo

Of course, this event will not be complete without the artist's performance.

Before the main event, comes the uprising new indie bands like Papapeta and The Ransom Collective who performed for us in the Launch. Meanwhile, I saw an amazing bad named Where's Ramona playing as well on the outer part of the event, to keep the music going.

Going back to the event, after the media launch comes the main event which was the concert, the event was filled with OPM fans who scream "Maliwanag!!" as they are rooting for Ben and Ben! I am not equipped with much knowledge about their songs to be honest but the only song that I know from them was Kathang Isip but little did I know, they were so much more from them. It became a revelation that these bands and OPM is not dead! They are just underrated and treasures waited to be found.

Current playlist: Maybe the night by Ben and Ben and Kiss Me by Where's Ramona

It was a fun-filled, overwhelming event and I'm very excited to learn more of these bands. Coca-Cola indeed made sure that OPM will never die in the hearts of Filipinos. Stay tuned for the upcoming collaborations of the uprising Filipino artist.  Congratulations on your successful event!

Very excited for the next year's Coke Studio PH!

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