Chrizea Skin Wonder Bleach- Did this made my skin lighten in just 3 days?

By Mhownai - September 04, 2018

Everyone wants to improve their complexion and I am no exception, I have been working hard to have a clear skin and have an even skin tone because that what makes me confident. I have stumbled to try Chrizea Skin Wonder Bleach and I'm very excited about its promising claims

  • Whitens your skin in just 3 days 
  • Made out of natural ingredients
  • Effective to remove acne scars
  • Instant whitening
  • Safe for lactating and pregnant women

The last claim was my most favorite because even though I'm in the process of weaning, I still want to make sure that I will still use products that will not affect my milk to maintain my son's health.

For further information guys, here are the ingredients of the product:
Kojic Acid, Licorice extract, Mulberry and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

Price: 319 pesos for 300 g

As soon as I received this product, I'm very excited to try it as it really smells good! Upon opening, I saw that the tub was full of their product which is a really good thing because you're sure you get your money's worth, I also noticed that there are bit and pieces of the ingredients which I think was their exfoliant. 

I also remember their scent is similar to airheads and it brings me a lot of good memories. Haha! 

In my first application, I used a silicone applicator because I think that would be hygienic but I don't think silicone applicator was a good option for applying this type of product because I feel like I'm slapping the product on my face so I highly recommend using a brush or your hands. I feel like it's really really smoothened out my skin and it exfoliates my skin in the process because there are solid particles maybe it was the berries but I'm not sure that adds to the scent and help me exfoliate my skin. 

Here are the photos for my 3-day trial

Day 1

Day 2 (the lighting was not on point) 

Day 3
Comparing the day 1 and day 3

I am very fascinated by how my skin became radiant in just 3 days, also my pimple marks were lightened but not as much as I am expecting because let's accept the fact that I have been trying this for only 3 days. I also love that it made my skin really smooth. I really like every aspect of the effect on my skin but I just hope that the scent will stick on my body because it does really smell good. Furthermore, I didn't experience the instant whitening effect. But either way, I will be continuing to use this because I love the effect it gave on my face. 

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