U:RE Cosmetics Locchild Moisturizing Hand Cream Review

By Mhownai - August 17, 2018

I have always been suffering from dry hands and cuticles every since I was in high school, growing up, I used to have like dry skin coming out of the fingernails that I used to pull and it will bleed and hurt like crazy but the drying got worse after I got pregnant and gave birth maybe because I used to do all the housework all by myself and I was kind of allergic to some of the laundry detergents that I used when I wash my clothes.

So the only solution? Heavy duty lotion at night and hand cream during the day. I must say it improved my hand and though my skin still dries every now and then, now with proper hand care, the dry cuticle is somehow manageable.

With constant find of the perfect hand cream for me, I stumble upon this product- U:RE Cosmetic's Locchild Moisturizing Hand Cream and for my first thought, what would make this 380 pesos worth of hand cream different than the ones that I've used which are more affordable.

As soon as I get the product, I immediately realized why this product is so different than other hand creams that I own.

About the product

U:RE Cosmetic's Locchild Moisturizing Hand Cream is a super creamy balm that penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize your hands throughout the day. Its special ingredients includes Beta Glucan and Olive Oil blended with Shea Butter.

Price: 380 pesos for 50ml

Let us talk about the packaging first

First, the packaging was on point I would say, I immediately fell inlove with the package with its shabby chic design it's so elegant. The box was matte with an embossed pattern with gold accents that have the same style on the tube. The ingredients were listed on the right portion of the box written in both Korean and American. At the back, there's a brief description of the product, unfortunately, I can't read it because it's written in Korean. I really love the shabby chic design that they have. It's really elegant I would say, I'm fascinated.

The tube matched well with the color of the box and has a pinkish red colored cap.

The only thing that I find missing with their packaging is the expiry date which is essential since there are users specially who don't use hand creams that often would know if the product is still good to use but in my case that I constantly reapply this product throughout the day, I don't mind it as I'm positive that I'll be finishing this product in no time.

Performance of the product

In choosing hand creams, I always make sure that the product has a thick consistency so that my skin will be easily moisturized. Also, I'm aiming for a scent that is not strong because I have allergies with strong scents or sometimes it makes my nose irritated throughout the day.

With U:RE Cosmetic's Locchild Moisturizing Hand Cream, I really loved how their product has a mild scent (not so fragrant but not odorless) I really appreciate it's consistency and also how easily my hand seeps the product easily. What I really love about this product is that it's not making my hands greasy which happens in some of the hand creams that I've tried.

Now, my hands are still dry but my dry skin in cuticles lessened and I'm very happy with the result for only applying this product for only 7 days, I am very impressed with this product. I am confident that I can use this anytime anywhere and with its sleek packaging it can fit in your handbag without adding so much weight.

Definitely will be trying for more. Go ahead and grab your very own hand cream now! Message U:RE Cosmetic's Facebook for more information

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