I Suffer from Migraine, Will Essential Oils Help Me Ease the Pain?

By Mhownai - August 31, 2018

Working at home can be a very comfortable job but I am experiencing heavy problems whenever my migraine attacks as the reason that my eyes' condition worsens as time gone by because I'm always in front of the computer, having no choice but I have to wear glasses but even if I had a screen-protective layer on my glasses sometimes. My migraine occurs especially whenever I haven't had a long slumber which frequently happens now since I'm more into working and studying at the same time and though I have so many things on my plate right now, I'm trying my best to make amends meet and providing good quality output for all my clients, employers, and professor.

Whenever I need to work and my migraine occurs, I would tend to drink paracetamol in particular, Advil which makes it better but sometimes, I realized that too much drinking paracetamol would not be helpful in my body in the long run.

I've heard that essential oils are a great way to ease your stress and improve your health, I was very fascinated with all the positive comments that I've been reading here and there but the problem is, it's quite expensive and to be honest, as a tipid mom who making the best out of my salary, I would say spending thousand is out of my comfort zone. So I was very lucky that I was able to stumble to this product- Oil Benders.

They sent me three different products from their line: 2 essential oil in a rollerball applicator and one Body Scrub

1. Shoo, Grumpy Roll-On 
This would help you release anger, frustration and negative feelings. It is also beneficial since it can be used just to rub it on their clothes to calm them down.

2. Keep your cool
It is another essential oil that helps you relax because of its cooling effect. This is good for your headache since there is a peppermint oil which is good for relieving headaches. However, this one is not recommended for kids since there are strong scents that might irk kid's nose.

3. Body Scrub
This acts as a soap and can be diluted in the bathtub that would immensely change your sleep, it will make you calm down and remove negative feelings right before you sleep.

How to use it:
If no bathtub: scoop a generous amount and rub in your body, if you're breastfeeding, refrain from putting your product in your nipples and rinse it after

If you own a bathtub: dilute into 1/2 to full cup into the water

Oil Benders for tantrums

My son is not throwing tantrums anywhere, he was just a good boy and understands the situation but just like any other kids, of course, there were bad days. One time, I tried to rub the Shoo, Grumpy Roll-On to his Sando and rock him to sleep and mind you at that moment, he threw an Oscar-winning tantrum. To my surprise, he was not grumpy in his sleep, whenever he has bad vibes, he just latches on my nipple but after he got asleep, he fell into a deep sleep so I'm very impressed and I've been using the product ever since, I have it on my baby bag.

Oil Benders for a Migraine

Like I've mentioned, my migraines are occurring here and there and good thing that I have it covered because of Keep your Cool, I always have it on my table where I spend most of the time working. Also, the scent was perfect if you have a runny nose. Though sometimes when a migraine was too strong, I still drink meds for fast reactions, Keep your cool help me have a good sleep whenever I have migraines. Not gonna lie, I feel skeptical at first because I still like my trusty old Efficascent oil and Katinko because of their menthol capabilities but now, I found my all time favorite and bring it with me everywhere I go.

Oil Benders for Good Sleep 

I must say, I am not into putting so many products on my body but I manage to use it whenever I feel stressed and I need to bath at the end of the day which I would say, Oil Benders is on top of the relaxing game. You know you have days that you are so stressed and you know you still have so many pending jobs the next day, and you can't sleep because the thought of those pending stuff just keeps you awake, with their body scrub, I am more relaxed and even though sometimes I still find it hard to sleep at least I'm not that aggravated with all the upcoming deadlines here and there.

I highly recommend these products if you are having a hard time to control your anger because it works for me. Check out their Instagram and Facebook

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