HOW TO: Unleash Your Inner Boss Lady?

By Mhownai - July 15, 2018

As a corporate chick, how do you manage to be stylish and bring the boss lady in you? When I was still in the corporate world, I remember spicing up my style with skirts and high heels but it doesn't fit the rainy situation right now. I know it's frustrating.

Have you heard about coats and cardigans?

This is very essential in my own wardrobe because of it very versatile in every season. Kimono type and other cardigan made up of thin fabrics can be a very good cover when you are at the beach wearing your awesome swimsuit. It can also be a very good cover-up during the hot season.

Though I know that wearing a trench coat can a little too overboard here in the Philippines but most fashionistas use it for their OOTDs for inner lady boss in them.

Basically, there are a lot of things to wear over your clothes to unleash your boldness in you see more here

1. Long Sleeve Thin Coat

This color white thin coat matches every possible look that you can come up, you can pair it with shorts and a simple doll shoes, you can also pair it with a dress and even pants. Because of the complexity of the color, you don't have to worry if this matches your everyday look.

You don't also have to worry if this will make you feel hot because of this coat its wide-waisted type with adjustable waist and made from cotton material. This is perfect for fall, spring and summer fashion style.

2. Printed Flap Pocket Blazer

If you love a little bright statement blazer, then this is perfect for you. With it's funky and girlish type, this will unleash your inner fun personality. Pair it with black pants or even white to emphasize the vibrant colors of the blazer.

This too won't make you hot because this is made of cotton. Its floral type is perfect for any season particularly during fall, spring and summer.

3. Ruffles Spliced Lapel Jacket

Since rainy days are finally in, I know that you are also worrying about how to keep you warm while staying in fashion, some people don't prefer wearing jackets because the material is too thick for them, well this style is perfect for you.

With its full sleeve length, this can surely keep you warm on cold weathers and can give you comfort by tugging the sleeves into 3/4 length when it's getting warmer.

4. Open Front Crochet Lace Blouse

Wanted to go for a more Coachella, boho princess feels? Go for this type of coat. Who wouldn't love its intricate floral pattern and its full length of the sleeve. This item is perfect for summer looks with bralettes and other laced-type of an inner blouse.

This is very comfortable and airy, this is the perfect match for a light, festival-y look.

5. Bleach Wash Color Block Half Sleeve Coat

Wanted to go for a street-smart casual type of fashion, this washed denim coat is perfect for you. This is perfect when you pair it with gold accents if you are aiming for high-fashion. Its sleeves are perfect for a cover up to your bullets and cropped shirts.

Paired it with high waisted pants or shorts and Chucks or pumps. Perfect for the inner boss lady.

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