Why Online Date?

By Mhownai - June 10, 2018

Being dateless for over two years, I came into a brave decision that I will only go into a relationship if I’m very sure of the person. My past had never been a secret with you guys and I can tell that I was traumatized to the point that I accepted the fact that there’s a bigger chance that I will not get my fairy tale ending.

Though I’m not closing my doors to people who might actually love me and Edmund, in the mean time, I keep myself busy and guarded. Juggling freelance work every now and then, maintaining my blog and YouTube Channel and also studying. All of those are done in the comfort of my home. Some people would ask me “Aren’t you getting bored?” some say “You need to go out, meet new people”.

Who said that I am not meeting new people online? You must haven’t heard about dating website.
I joined online dating sites few months after my then partner and I broke up just because I wanted to vent my frustrations and disappointments to people who doesn’t know me, to free myself from judgemental people and it’s really nice to start a new life with strangers.

Why pay for dating when you can do it online right?

However other people mistaken dating sites user to be either gold digger or looking for something fun- right? We have to admit, some people here in the Philippines are quite judgemental.

Little did they know in the meeting people online can sometimes be more realistic than people you meet face-to-face and that’s a fact.

What are the advantages of using online dating?

You can easily find people with the same interests. When talking to people online, you will easily find people to talk to- that’s a known fact but you will easily detach people who likes, thinks and have the same interests as you do.

You can easily shrug people you find irritating. Not all people are nice online, some people you may find them a little arrogant, some may seemed to be perverts so bee open with this kind of people. You may easily block them off your life and never be connected to them again.

You can date at your own phase. If you think you’re ready and date, if you want to lie low, stay offline, if you don’t will stick to no dating state, you may delete your account- as simple as that.

On my very own personal opinion, people that I’ve met online and got the chance to know them personally are less judgemental and more liberated than those whom I’m meeting personally.

There are people who succeed in finding their forever after online, I can attest to that, I’ve known some people whose relationship grew and ended into marriage. I feel very happy for the, but at the mean time, I want to focus on myself and my son, and in the mean time, find connections online. There’s no harm in trying right?

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