Unleash Your Inner Tita with Honestbee

By Mhownai - June 27, 2018

Since I was a teenager, I really loved staying home. In fact, I can stay all day buried in my bed watching romantic movies rather than partying all night. Now that I've become a mom, I value the comfort of my home now more than ever.

But just because I'm a mom and rather stay indoors doesn't really mean that I don't go out with my friends and catch up over coffee or dinner dates?

Image from Honestbee

My friends really love to eat at Mary Grace Café which became one of our go-to places that really shows our inner tita. Not only it showcases a very homey ambiance with their knickknacks, your mouth will water with just the smell of their baked goods.

With the stressful traffic and unbearable laziness, sometimes going out and setting a lunch date with your friends may seemed to be impossible but with Honestbee you can now enjoy good food and just invite your titas over to your place instead of going out of the mall, which also saves you more money, time and effort!

Honestbee doesn't only deliver food but also caters to grocery delivery services. Now you don't have to waste hours waiting in long queue for check out.

Sound good? Go ahead and download the application now and check their website for more information:

Home:  https://www.honestbee.ph/en/
For IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/id1001581823?mt=8
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.honestbee.consumer&hl=en

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