Whisper Celebrates Woman with Their #Curvalicious Movement

By Mhownai - May 22, 2018

I remember when I had my first period, I was so excited because finally I'm transitioning into womanhood little did I know I will experience so many things on this journey.

My mom who had been my best friend ever since taught me the basic things that I needed to know at that time as to how to properly take care of myself down to other things that I might be needing.

When I was in high school, I remember when there was seminar exclusive for girls, in the seminar we were taught the importance of using a good sanitary pad that would lessen the burden that girls feel whenever they have their period. Also, to avoid leakage which is one of the issues back then because as we all know boys are disgusted with periods. That's the time that I learned about Whisper.

 Since then it has been my monthly partner.

 Now that I'm a mother of a two-year-old baby boy, Whisper is still with me through the years. I must admit, of course, I tried other products (most especially cheaper than Whisper) but I still go back to my best friend- Whisper.

New and Improved Whisper

One thing that I noticed is their new packaging, compared to the old one, I really like this one. It's really vibrant, fun and for me, it shouts "women" as we all know pink is the color of femininity that's why I really love this.

Old Packaging (LEFT) vs. New Packaging (RIGHT)
Based on the pads, I noticed that the anti-leak barriers (blue lines on the pad) were extremely transformed to ensure that there will no leaking during the busy days.

Old Packaging (LEFT) vs. New Packaging (RIGHT)

Surely Whisper upgraded their pads and now features the new #Curvalicious fit, that has a bump on the pad to ensure a more snug fit so women can be comfortable on their regular day. Furthermore, it has a soft cotton cover and dermacare lotion that would care for your skin.

With this newly improved pads, you don't need to worry because it has 12-hour leak protection.

When I wore this, I didn't felt any slight uncomfortableness and I can move freely even on my worse heavy flow days, I can easily take care of my son and do other chores without worrying if its time to change. Plus, I feel fresh all day everyday.

Join our #Cuvalicious movement

Whisper moves to celebrate the modern women like us who is fearless, fierce and playfully bold, through the new #Curvalicious movement. Join us and be a part of the #Curvalicious movement: a celebration of you, for you- the modern woman who is brave and daring, who powers through whatever needs to be done to achieve her goals and be the best woman she imagines herself to be.

Whisper had always been about empowering young women; constantly providing the utmost support and feminine hygiene care that you need so you can focus on the task at hand.

Remember this: you're inspiring the way you are. The more you exude confidence, flaunt your bold moves, and shamelessly show the world who you are, the more you are able to encourage women around you!

Celebrate being a woman with Whisper!

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