Safeguard, Your Trusted Brand That Protects #Hanginfection All Day

By Mhownai - May 10, 2018

Germs are everywhere and that's a known fact. 

We make sure that we do everything to refrain ourselves suffer from these infections, we bathe, we disinfect, we make sure that everything is clean but little did we know that these germs are everywhere. Air infection or #HANGINfection are tiny, germs that we can't see with our naked eye which makes it hard for us to fight them. 

With Safeguard, our hearts will be in peace because this would help us kill the germs that would land in our body; this also protects users for up to 24 hours of germ protection and yes, even from the #HANGINfection. In fact, for over 50 years, Safeguard has been mother's best friend in protecting their family from these culprits. 

Here are some things that you didn't know about #HANGINfection
  1. #HANGINfection can travel from one place to another
    Wind is everywhere and it can travel different things places to places. The airborne germ can easily enter our homes and stay there for long periods of time. It can even survive for days or up to a week.  
  2. The scientific name of #HANGINfection is bioaerosols
    Science calls it bioaerosols. It contains living organisms and/or are released by living organisms. 
  3. #HANGINfection contains viruses, bacteria, and fungi
    These living organisms can include different bacterias like Legionella, Staphylococcus, Leptospira, Bacillus. This usually carries viruses such as influenza and rhinovirus and fungi like Aspergillus and Histoplasma.
  4. #HANGINfection is around us and it comes from different sources- even ourselves
    As the wind carries germs and when it touches our skin, of course, we became carriers; we can transfer germs as well. The worse part is, we don't have any idea if we are already carrying these germs.
  5. #HANGINfection can cause skin infection and other diseases
    These germs can irritate our skin which eventually could lead to skin infections like pimples and acne. This can also cause respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal infections and other illnesses. 
To protect your skin against airborne germs all day, make sure to check out- Safeguard. 

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720g (219 pesos), 400g (145 pesos) and 200g (85 pesos). Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap is available in 90 g (25.75 pesos), 135g (38 pesos) and 180 (48 pesos). Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap is available in 225 ml (80 pesos).

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