Jil Gyung Yi- Female Tablet Cleanser Review

By Mhownai - May 02, 2018

As we grow older, there are sudden changes that are happening in our body and it is important for us to learn what is happening to us and know that there's something we can do about it.

There are three main problems that every woman will be facing in terms of their female member: Vaginitis, Vaginal Tightness, and Vaginal Dryness. Most of these are caused by aging, childbirth and hormonal imbalance. Some but not all of these problems can be treated with antibiotics but some of these antibiotics can be harmful to a woman's body in the long run.

Jil Gyung Yi is a female cleaner in tablet form. It helps the vagina to purify herself naturally. What's even better? It's antibiotic and hormone free. It has mild substances but it works wonders and can give strong effect. It prevents and treats infection, relieves itching, dryness, and irritation,  solves your menstrual cramps, controls discharge and odor and improves vaginal elasticity and moisture.

It basically helps you bring back the young characteristics of your best friend (if you know what I mean *wink*)

How to use it: 

  1. Wash your hands and your vulva before using the product
  2. Take two tablets and insert them into the vagina at a depth of two-thirds of your finger. Place them in the same way as wearing a tampon
  3. Gently wash the vaginal area with running water the next day and dry.


  • Use pads because you might experience discharge or vaginal waste.
  • If you are using this for the first time, use the tablets for two consecutive nights. Then you will be using it every week from then.

Personal Experience

One of the main problems that I'm facing is my vaginal odor, which tends to happen at the end of the day or if I didn't change my  pantyliners in time, I talked to my OB-GYNE about it and she told me that I might be dehydrated because if you're dehydrated, the smell of your urine is much stronger. Second is my menstrual cramps, I have been feeling these jolts every now and then and it starting to bother me, I'm also planning to do a transvaginal ultrasound this month to see what's going on with my body.

I tried this product for two consecutive days as instructed. I felt slightly uncomfortable because I can feel that there's something inside me, I kept my legs crossed and slept side lying position until I felt that the tablets are melting. The tablets feel so rough as I insert them but that didn't hurt me at all.

The next morning after I used the tablets, I saw vaginal discharge in white menstruation form, it doesn't have any smell though.

Then I stopped using any form of vaginal cleanser whatsoever because I want to make see the results on me, to my surprise, my odor lessened and my menstrual cramps were gone. I don't want to conclude that this is the prime reason why yet I know that Jil Gyung Yi helped me in any way. Of course, I drank a lot of water and stay hydrated most of the time.

Where to buy?

It is available in Lazada. They have an on-going sale everybody, from it's original price of 1,000 pesos, you can purchase them for only 900 pesos.

For other information, you can check their social media accounts:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeshoppingstar/ and https://www.facebook.com/PlatformkManila/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jilgyungyiph/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JILGYUNGYIPH

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