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By Mhownai - April 17, 2018

I really love online shopping, why? Because it's fast and efficient, with just a few clicks, your package will be delivered right to your doorstep.

When looking for affordable YET trendy styles, I always make sure to look for trusty online shops and one of my go-to shops are those online stores in the US.

So why do I love to shop at US online stores?

I can finally receive exclusive items from the US. We all know that not all products available in the US are available here, that's just how it goes most especially to some makeup products and clothes, even though some of them have physical shops here in the Philippine but their physical stores are very limited. Thanks to international shipping, I can now splurge myself with items that are not easily accessible in my country.

Surprisingly, items in the United States are much cheaper than here in the Philippines. Several online stores almost running sale often. Citing an example, a shoe retails for Php 7,195 in the Philippines but in the US online stores, you can buy it for Php 4,386 so that's a huge amount of savings.

How to shop and ship from the U.S?
  1. Register and get your free U.S. address
    Did we mention it’s exempted from sales tax? This means no sales tax will be levied on the number of your purchases that are delivered to comGateway. Save between from 5% to 12% in sales tax just by having your packages delivered to us!
  2. Shop from online U.S. stores
    This is the fun part. Purchase directly using your locally-issued card or use our BuyForMe service on stores that only accept cards issued in the U.S.
  3. Ship and waitOnce your packages arrive at your U.S. address, we’ll let you know if your packages are eligible for our weight reduction services. Ship internationally and wait for 3 to 8 business days for your package’s arrival at your doorstep.

Pro Tips To Avoid Hassle and Save More
  • To get the best store deals, always ensure you are on the U.S. website of the online store. 
  • Pay in USD because most merchants have ridiculously high ForEx rates.
Having second thoughts? Use our free Live Quote tool to estimate the shipping weight of your desired item and the Time and Cost Calculator to know the rates.
Remember that the Philippines prohibits the importation of loose lithium batteries.

Shop from online U.S. stores and ship to the Philippines with comGateway for bigger savings and shorter waiting time!

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