My Contraceptive Journey

By Mhownai - March 22, 2018

Disclaimer: This post is to educate people, most especially to those who are sexually active but not using any contraceptives. I'm not encouraging my young readers to have sex at their early age but it's just that there are people who are already engaged with sex without having enough knowledge in birth control and consequences they might face when they do it. 

The Decision

I decided to use contraceptive as soon as I gave birth to Edmund, my ex-partner and I were still together at that time so to avoid having surprised pregnancies again, we together with our parents decided that we will be using birth control for the meantime until we finished college and got married. Unfortunately, we broke up last year but I still continued using birth control because I would never know when will I be sexually active anymore, we can never tell if other circumstances happen so I still opt for the method even though I'm not that sexually active anymore.


There are a lot of methods of birth control available in the market to choose from there is the traditional condoms and pills, there is also implant and IUD and others. I chose the injectibles because I suck at drinking pills, I don't want to skip a pill aside from that, I would like to visit my OB-Gyne so I can tell her my experiences on the span of three months.

Yes, the injectables last for 3 months and you're 'pregnant free'  but the best part is that after three months, you will be able to see your doctor and tell them all the things you have experienced in the 3-month span.


I've been using this method for almost 2 years and I would say that I don't have any problem with this aside from a swelling arm after the medicine was injected, the swelling subsided after 2 to 3 days. I also gained so much weight, I'm gaining 1 to 2 kilograms every 3 months, I'm not really sure if that's because of the injectables or because I'm still exclusively breastfeeding and I still get really hungry after feeding time.

I don't have any monthly period but have brown discharges every day, so I wear pantyliners.


It's affordable for me, in my OB-GYNE, I only pay 450 pesos for the consultation and I pay around 150 for the medicine and other tools needed like syringe and needles.

Other Information

My OB-GYN gave me calcium vitamins because she mentioned that the only effect that injectables can give (please correct me if I'm wrong), injectables don't really cause tumors or PCOS on your uterus.

Important Notes

Always ask your OB-GYNE on what's the best option, don't try birth control without the consent of your doctor. I also do a transvaginal ultrasound every 6 months just to make sure.

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