L&C Tints Swatches and First Impression

By Mhownai - March 28, 2018

I am personally a fan of using lip tints because this gives my skin a natural glow and makes me look presentable without exerting much effort, thus, lip and cheek tints are an essential product in my go-to makeup bag.

Speaking of lip tints, I recently received this lip and cheek tints from The Pink Street Organics for me to give my insights about their product.

The Pink Street Organics' lip tints are called L&C Tints. L&C Tints stands for Lip and Cheek tint, what a witty name. which is made from all organic ingredients which are very safe not only for lactating moms like me but also for kids and pregnant women.

Currently, they have four initial sades in their line the following are Cosmos (dark red), Periwinkle (pink), Clitoria (Plum) and Hibiscus (red). On March 1, they recently launched a new shade on the line which the called "Cataleya"; a toast of new york inspired shade.


The first thing I noticed was their presentation. I really loved how they put effort on how they presented their products, they even personalized the box with my name. Really appreciated it.

I was informed that for every purchase of three liptints, you may request for a box.

Packaging. Their packaging looks like any other brand of local lip tints, their label was matte which I personally like because compared to other lip tints' label which is very tacky, it just tends to melt in my stash sooner or later. Their label was really informative, they even put their ingredients and directions on how to properly use the product. What's even more impressive is they put their Facebook page on the label which I important because as a blogger, I really need to know the product's social media accounts to tag them whenever I use their product. All in all, their packaging was on point.

Formulation. For me, it's not that pigmented on my liking and it is more into a watery consistency but what's good about this product is you can be able to build the product to your preferred layer.

Scent and Taste. There was a specific taste of product in this lip tint but I cannot actually determine exactly what that is, it's not tangy and not sweet, no disgusting taste- just to be clear. T9he product also has a sweet scent but I didn't smell that on my lips, maybe because I only put 2 layers of the product on my lips, the scent is perfect for people who have allergy with strong scents and people who don't like strong scents to the product that they are using.

Applicator. I really love roller ball applicators because for me it's more hygienic because you can easily wipe it off if you feel like it's getting dirty.


I am in love with Cosmos because of its shade that really speaks to my personality. I love the Periwinkle as well, though it's too pink for my liking, I didn't know that this would suit my morena skin tone. Periwinkle is such a revelation to me because I have always been ignoring pink shades because I thought it will not compliment my skin tone, this shade proved me wrong. Clitoria, on the other hand, doesn't really my cup of tea because I am not into plum shades of lip tints because I feel like it doesn't look good on me, it looks as if I consumed squid ink but Clitoria is a perfect color for my cheeks.

Like I've mentioned, the product is really buildable so I didn't have any problems working with it. What's even more fascinating is that this product didn't give me any teeth stains which I normally experience when wearing lip tints. You just really need to follow the direction on the label. It works.


This lip tint retails for 130 pesos which is a really affordable price knowing that this lip tint can last up to six months, this would really save you money. It's worth buying.


You may check their facebook page- The Pink Street Organics L&C Tint for orders and other information.

You can also check their Shopee- The Pink Street


L&C Tints are really generous of giving promos to their customers, which I really appreciate.

Use this codes when ordering in Shopee:

AMAZTINT and you will be receiving ₱100 OFF for every ₱500 worth of L&C Tints
AMAZPINKM and you will be receiving ₱100 OFF for every ₱1,000 worth of product purchase

For resellers price, you may directly message their page for more information.

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