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By Mhownai - March 08, 2018

Our baby's skin is so delicate that's why we need to ensure that our kid's skin is healthy, moisturized and free from bumps and scratches and that goes with their clothes. When Edmund was a newborn, we're using a soap bar for his clothes until he reached one wherein we use an adult laundry detergent.

Recently, Johnson's sent me a pack of their newest line of liquid laundry detergent which is a really awesome idea because I've been eyeing for a laundry detergent that would suit my baby's needs.

This is the first time I heard about their product so I'm really excited to try this out, not to mention that this will also be my first time using a liquid detergent, what we're using adult's detergent on Edmund's clothes we just don't put additional fabric conditioner. His skin was not sensitive though so I think we're good, I'm thrilled to try different products for Edmund though.

So this product has two variants:
  1. Johnson's Ultra Gentle Clean Baby Laundry Detergent that is suitable for 0-12 months old. This contains silk protein softeners to make baby's clothes extra soft.
  2. Johnson's Active Clean Baby Laundry Detergent that is recommended for 12 months old and up. This product contains natural propolis and green tea for clean and fragrant baby clothes.
Product Claims:
  • Rinse and cleans the clothes and avoid harsh irritants that would touch baby's delicate skin.
  • Remove germs and softens fabric
  • Developed with dermatologists to be mild enough for newborn skin
  • Free phosphate
  • No addition for fluorescents, bleach and colourant

I tried it on my son's clothes with a medicine stain, which was one of the usual stains they usually occur since drinking vitamins is an essential- well for me.

My experience

I tried the product in two methods of washing, handwash and machine wash. 

Hand wash, I diluted the liquid detergent in the water and immediately soaked Edmund's clothing, I noticed that the medicine was immediately gone which didn't happen when we use the adult detergent. It was not that bubbly which was not a big deal for me and I don't know if liquid detergents are usually like that because like what I've mentioned, this is my first time using a liquid detergent. I left it overnight to make sure that the stain would be gone, the next day, I noticed that even the dirt on my son's clothing was removed, you would see it on the water- it became darker.

I also noticed that rinsing the clothes was much easier, you could actually tell that the clothes were squeaky clean, the soap was easily rinsed off by just one rinse which was a good thing and saves more energy and water.

Machine Wash, I put two cups full of the laundry detergent into the liquid detergent panel of our washing machine and immediately loaded Edmund's clothes. I didn't notice much difference since our washing machine was automatic.

I tried smelling the two variants, the Johnson's Ultra Gentle Clean Baby Laundry Detergent reminds me of a baby's shampoo with a more powdery scent into it and the Johnson's Active Clean Baby Laundry Detergent reminds me of a liquid dishwashing soap but its scent was much milder with a powdery scent. Both of the products don't smell so strong which is a really good thing most especially when you're baby have allergies to strong scents

After results

After the clothes were dry and ready for ironing, I didn't smell a detergent scent on Edmund's clothes, it smells more of a baby powder, it also made the clothes whiter than the usual but what's more important and what I really liked it, I really felt that his clothes soften which really suits the needs of his skin.

You may avail this product in all leading supermarkets nationwide. It is also available in 1 liter and 500 ml refill.

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