How to Deal with Stressful Situations

By Mhownai - February 03, 2018

No matter how positive and outgoing our outlook in our life can be, there will always be something that would stress us out and test how long can we stick with our composure and patience.

But things can get so really challenging and sometimes it would flip us out. You know, I get it because we're humans and we're expected to react on things that trigger us.
However, some react on the most overreacting way possible which makes people think that they uneducated or uncivilized or something in between.

So how can we handle stressful situations and avoid embarrassing ourselves?

  • Keep Calm
    I know staying calm in challenging situations are really hard to do but staying calm really helps because it clears out your mind and thinks about the possible solutions or appropriate reaction towards what is happening. Count one to ten, breathe in an breathe out.
  • Stay focused
    Staying focused on your goal- to handle this situation with class, we don't want to just flip out and curse on top of our lungs don't we? Staying focused also helps us maintain our composure. This is one of the best things I do whenever there's something triggering my inner bitch mode.
  • Think
    Think before you do or say anything. This is really important because if we didn't think about the things that would come out from our mouth, we might hurt someone else's feelings. We don't want them to lose respect us and we don't want to belittle others right? 
  • Go out
    If you feel isolated and you think that you will flip out any moment, you can go out and have some fresh air and breathe. You can go to your room and have some quiet time alone, breathe and stay calm. You'll be fine. When things get calm, you can go ahead and face the situation again. For me, it's better to just walk out than flip out.
  • Vent Healthily
    You don't need a friend to vent out your frustrations or your inner bitchiness, you can go ahead and grab a camera, film your thoughts then turn it into a content- a youtube channel. You may go grab some paper and pen, write your feelings in no time, before you even finish the entire thought, I bet your hands are too tired to write anymore. What I do is I type it on my phone or notepad, then I delete it afterwards. 
Let's avoid spreading negativity to others, it's not healthy plus you're adding to the stress pollution that we are facing in this chaotic world. We must teach ourselves to stop flipping out just because of simple problems that have simple solutions. 

We must stick to our goal, have a sound mind and healthy body.

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