A.T Organics Lip Blush Tint Stain Review

By Mhownai - February 01, 2018

So I created another series for my youtube channel wherein I will choose 2 two (2) different lipsticks to review on different days (of course) and at the end of the third day, I will choose which one was better. So check it out, guys, please. LOL!

So since I am kind of getting active in my youtube, I don't want to leave my blog hanging because the writing was my first love so I would like to post my full detailed review for products that I will be showing on my blog. Does that sound like I'm losing ideas? Yes, I am, because I really am and I am kind of busy with my studies. But the only difference is that here on my blog, it is more detailed because whenever I film, it's more impromptu so there are times that I tend to forget other things that I want to say or more information who is more important to emphasize.

I first started trying this product, A.T Organics Lip Blush Tint Stain (Shade: Candy) which you can purchase from Sweetie's Beautique.


The first thing that I noticed was the label, I love how matte the sticker was compared to other lip tints I own which feel so tacky. So I am really sure that the label won't fade if I just stored it in my stash or in my makeup storage. Most tints that I own have a sticky label and ended up destroyed.

It indicated how much is the content of the lip tint (here it says 10 ml) and there even included a bible verse which is really unique when it comes to packaging, I wonder if they put a different bible verse on each label, mine was Philippians 4:15.

They also included the ingredients on the label which was really good most especially to vegans and pregnant mommies out there.

So this is just any typical lip tint with roller ball applicator. Here's what it looks like on my face.

And here is the swatch on my wrist

On to the pros, I loved the color pigmentation, it very vibrant on my lips giving it the youthful look that I always achieve in any other lip tints. When I applied it, I felt that this is really oily so I am assuming that this would moisturize my lips. When I applied it on my cheeks, I was really impressed to see that this shade suits my skin color really well this shade is really perfect when you want to achieve a drunk blush look, it's kind of red-orange on my skin. It doesn't make my teeth look orange which is a plus.

Now to the cons, I don't like the taste. It tastes really bland and it has a tangy flavor that I cannot determine which. It does stain on my teeth so much, which I really hate when it comes to roller type lip tint applicators but I can work with it.

My Experience

After 1 hour after applying it, I noticed that my top lip cracked, the top lip portion was dry but the rest was moist which was kind of weird but I continued the review because I was really enjoying the shade. After 4 hours after I applied the product, it was around 3 in the afternoon, I noticed that the product was not visible on my lips anymore which was really understandable because I eaten my lunch already and out dish was kind of oily.

I re-applied the product at around 2 to 3 as well and I felt that my lip was getting drier as the review continued.

The last update was around 9 to 10 PM, the product was really gone on my face but some color was still visible on my face which was really impressive.

Overall, I was not that impressed because it didn't stay too long on my lips, it only stayed for around 1 hour and within that time, the tint was not so vibrant anymore nonetheless, this is still a product that you can work with and you can use for your daily errands.


So you may purchase this product at Sweetie's Beautique for only 110 pesos which were not really pricey because it has a lot of products in the container and I bet you can use it for a very long time.

If you are interested to purchase this, you may go ahead and check out Sweetie's Beautique's facebook account (link here) or their Instagram (link here).

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