Unboxing Mercury Drug Store Planner for 2018

By Mhownai - January 13, 2018

It's better to be late than never, I know that this planner had been in the loop of social media for quite some time because of its amazing features but I still want to show you the planner, cover to cover. Since I'm a planner girl, I was immediately got excited when I found out their Mercury Drug Store's planner is already available, however, I had a hard time availing this because it was sold out in all Mercury Drug Store branches near where I live.

But with the love of God, I didn't only have one but two! YEHEY!

The front cover was really cute, there is an engraved doodle design which is really cool to look at, there is also a garter-like lock that would hold the front and back covers together, there is also a bookmark but it's not as fancy as last years. The material was I guess faux leather.

At the back, you would see the engraved logo of the drugstore and an indication that it's the Suki Day Book. 

What I really like about the front cover is it's not really intimidating to use, it's not like other stores planner wherein their logo is really big as if it's shouting that the planner was theirs (if you know what I mean)

This is how thick this is, I really like it because there's a lot of room to write your stuff with.

Of course, here is where you need to put our personal information.

Here is an example of their monthlies, this is not the typical monthlies that I would use because I really need space wherein I could put important dates and other stuff.

One thing I am really amazed by their planner for this year is that they have different information that could really help you, from different techniques to help you focus down to more things to help you sleep better. They also have different activities that you can do like color and draw.

They also have trackers- food and sleep which is really helpful when you want to check if you're eating at the right time or sleeping for 8 hours.

Unfortunately, there are no dailies so if you wanted to do a to-do list, you basically need to do it on your own. Which is great because it can enhance your creativity. This can also be your practice planner if you wanted to start doing bullet journal.

This planner would be really great for my videos and blog ideas because it's really spacious and I am excited to do the activities included in this planner.

I am planning to share with you how many planners I'll be using this year and show you the pens and highlights swatches. How about you, have you already availed a planner from Mercury?

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