Shēqe Cosmetics' Lipstick Swatches and First Impression

By Mhownai - January 16, 2018

I'm no makeup guru but I really like to collect lipsticks, I have a whole bunch of lipsticks in my stash and to tell you honestly, I love wearing them. I can literally go out and run errands with just my eyebrows on fleek and lipstick.

Shēqe Cosmetics sent their All Day Natural Matte Lipsticks and I was really excited to try them out.


The packaging was really lovely, it was made of plastic with a rose gold accent. It was really lightweight so you can easily fit your bags. The rotate-thingy was really smooth. On one side, you can see the brand's logo and what's really amazing here, they were able to print the manufacturing date on the cap which is really helpful to track if the product was already expired or not.

The All Day Natural Matte Lipsticks of Shēqe Cosmetics has four different shades that are available for everyday use and for special occasions.

I've tried the lipsticks and this is what it looks like on me. Please know that my skin is not in the best condition. I don't know why my skin has been acting so weird lately, maybe because of the sudden change of the weather? I don't know. Just don't mind it.

Eris (Nude) is my most favorite shade of lipstick in their line, I love the shade because it is perfect for my skin tone, it didn't make my teeth look yellowish. This shade is really versatile, you can use it for daytime and for date nights.

Selene (Mauve) was in the more pinkish side, it was still pretty but I am not into pinks because I think my skin looks darker but this shade is really best if you would like to look younger and if you would apply one coat, it would look so natural on your lips. I would wear this if I will be going on a date (if only a man would ask me, haha!)

Hera (Red) is really the best lipstick shade that you would opt for if you would go to a more formal event or meetings because it looks really sophisticated. I am personally not really a fan of this color (in every brand that I own) because it makes my teeth look yellow. So I rarely use red colored lipsticks. I feel like when you use this it when going to work, you would look like a boss who won't take no for an answer.

Athena (Burgundy) is my second most favorite color. This is my go-to look if I would go for a bolder look, I would love to wear this when I would go to a more formal blogger events. I love how it also compliments my skin tone.

I really love the product's pigmentation and formula, it does really moisturize my lips. I felt like I'm wearing a lipgloss but too tacky. However, this product easily transfers so you cannot use it if you will have a make-out session with your mi Amor *kidding* but it was really manageable. The scent was watermelon, I never had any product with that scent so I think that's awesome and it tastes good too.

The product has all the natural active ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, macadamia oil, mango butter and jojoba oil. It is also lead-free- perfect for lactating and pregnant moms!

This locally made product retails for 349 pesos each plus shipping fee and Shēqe Cosmetics caters shipping nationwide.

If you are a single mother, working moms, students and working students who want extra money for savings? Shēqe Cosmetics is now available for resellers. Head over to their facebook page to ask for more information.

Ongoing promo and giveaway?

Well, Shēqe Cosmetics offers Buy 3 with free shipping within Metro Manila.

Image by Sheqe Cosmetics

Shēqe Cosmetics is giving away All Colors of Creamy Matte Lipsticks to one (1) Lucky Winner. All you have to do is head over to this link and follow the mechanics. 

The draw date is on January 31, 2018. 

I really liked the products and I am really excited to try their liquid matte lipsticks that will be launching in February 2018. 

For more information head over to their social media platforms:

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