Prepare Your Hair for Your Big Night

By Mhownai - January 25, 2018

Few weeks left and it is already promenade season. In lieu with the promenade season, I will be sharing you guys different things on how to prepare for the big day and even if you won't be joining the promenade or you're too old for promenades, I know you could still be able to apply this.

Taking care of our hair is one of the personal hygiene that we underestimate, we value too much on our skin care and leave our hair needs behind. Personally, I am not a fan of hair rebond because it makes your hair more damaged. So I try my best to give my hair the most organic way of achieving a healthier more volumized hair.

Number one on my list is the Symply G Keratin Conditioner. I love this product because it's really affordable but it gives the nourishment that my hair needs. Whenever I use this, my hair feels really clean and if I feel so sweaty, I still feel fresh. My hair is not sticky and the product smells really good.

Aside from the good benefits of this product, this also really affordable. For a bundle of sachet that is being sold in local groceries, it retail for 30 to 35 pesos. They also have the pump bottle which retails for around 70 to 80 pesos per bottle.

Another product is quite pricey but for me, it was worth it. Argan System Sulfate-Free Shampoo and conditioner is available at Nail-a-holics Spa branches for only 820 pesos of 400 ml bottle each.

The shampoo and conditioner of this product have a different scent. The conditioner reminds me of the perfume Kenzo, which is one of my most favorite scents of all times. While the shampoo has a stronger scent, it reminds of aromatic essential oils. Whenever I use this not only the makes my hair conditioned, however, my hair feels kind of greasy but that's okay, I don't mind it, I love how soft my hair became when I used it. The scent stays long as well on my hair which is a really good thing.

The third product that I would like to share with you is one of my favorites, I use this as a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. I use this ever so famous, Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Alo Vera Soothing Gel. I learned this regime at Nature Republic's saleswoman and as soon as I tried it, my hair slowly smooths.

Last product that I want to share to you is this oil that works wonders not only for your hair but for your body as well. Botanique Spa Morrocco Argan Oil is my most favorite hair vitamin that I love using whenever I use hair tools like hair straightener and curler. This repairs your hair over time. This is also available at Nail-a-holics spa. A 50 ml bottle costs 790 bottles and a 100ml costs 1,390 each.

Hair frames your hair it somehow frames up your whole face and it will carry yourself. So considering taking care of it right now before it's too late.

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