Cospray Haircolor Spray | First Impression

By Mhownai - January 08, 2018

On special occasions, we always want to spice things a little bit and that includes not only our wardrobe but also our hair. I know that changing your hair is a very bold move to make most especially when you'll be bleaching your hair and dye it with striking colors.

But fear not, here is Cospray Haircolor Spray which is made especially to people who wants to change the color of their hair. It comes in 7 colors: Violet, Pink, Blue, Green, Blonde, Red and Silver. It is also paraben free, dermatology tested and safe to use, in fact, little kids can also enjoy this product.

I was given a chance to experience this product. I personally chose Silver and Red because I was aiming for an ashy blonde (something like that) and red because I want to use it in future makeup tutorials. Upon applying you may refer to the product's packaging and read the instruction first before applying especially when you're applying it on your own- they have a specific measurement on how far the nozzle is at your hair, they also instruct you to shake the package from time to time to avoid clumps.

My Personal Thoughts

This product is intended to be applied on your own, if you're first timers like me, I would personally suggest that you'll be assisted by someone if you want to avoid the mess. Trust me, I tried applying it myself it turned out that I wasted the entire silver bottle spraying it on one side of my hair and that won't even show much because it's in the inner part of my hair (silly me). When I tried the red spray, the pigment transferred to my skin, my clothes and my hands. As well as the Silver.

The color payoff is ok as long as you follow the measurement of the application. So your hair won't be too wet, because if the nozzle is too near to your hair, yes there would still be pigment but it will just slide on your hair unlike when you follow the right measurement, 8 to 10 inches, the product would be distributed on your hair evenly.

Scent. There's no strong scent in this product though on my personal experience, I was able to inhale some of the product scents but I didn't felt suffocated nor felt sick when I was able to inhale it.

Wear clothes you're comfortable throwing it away or better, where something over your clothes to avoid transferring the color to the clothes you're wearing but if ever this occurs, it is washable.

Your hair will stiff, this product is like hairspray to me. I honestly didn't expect that this will make my hair stiff because this is just a hair color spray, or did I just misinterpreted the product? Hahaha.

Overall, this is very fun to use, you can experiment different looks with this product it is well made and well thought of the product, I'm sure cosplayers will appreciate this product so much.

You may purchase this in any drugstores near you, for further information, you may refer to their social media accounts, and and their website

Watch my first impression with Cospray Haircolor Spray:

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