Angel Skin Variants + Review

By Mhownai - December 19, 2017

Having a good skin on top of my priority list. Since I don't want to use a lot of makeup on my face when I go out, I want to achieve the flawless and glowing effect on my skin- who doesn't?

As I grew older, I am finally learning the true value of investing (in terms of beauty products) having a lot of expensive makeup is useless when you have bad skin and having a good skin care routine is really a tough battle because finding good products that match well on your skin is truly a trial and error process. I've tried so many products that gave me breakouts.

Angel Skin offers a wide selection of soaps that would match your skin type and the results you want to achieve. Here are these different types:

For Sensitive Skin (Transparent Facial Cleansing Bar) this is a mild and have a soothing formula that ensures your skin is cleansed and nourished. It may be used for both face and body.

For Acne Prone Skin (Skin Clarifying Bar) it ensures deep pore cleansing and management of pimple-prone and acne-prone skin. You may also use it on your face and body.

For Skin Whitening (Skin Whitening Bar) this has a Glutathione and Gigawhite. Gigawhite is a 7-in-one whitening ingredient that s already a potent skin and complexion lightener. Glutathione is for extra whitening and anti-oxidant benefit, resulting in younger, whiter skin. You may use it for your face and body.

For Skin Whitening (Skin Lightening Bar) this has a Kojic Acid and Gigawhite. The synergy of micro-exfoliant Kojic Acid and 7-in-one Gigawhite makes this variant a premium grade formulation. This product is an idea for people who wish a lighter complexion. You may use it for the face and body.

My Very Own Review

I tried the Acne Prone soap for over a month. I cut it in half to save the product. The first thing I've noticed is the scent, there's no scent in this product. I didn't feel any tightening of my skin or any bad feeling as I'm using it. My pimples didn't appear so far- that's a good sign.

My skin is oily on my t-zone and dries on my outer-O. My oil decreases and becomes manageable. I stopped using toner because I kind of feel that my skin can't breathe because of so much product that I'm applying. So I am sure that this soap is the main reason why my oiliness and pimples decrease. 
However, the pimple marks didn't lighten and it didn't give me the radiance glow that I want but that's understandable because that's not what this product is claiming.

I do hope that they would come up with a product that is for acne prone skin that would also give their skin a glowing effect. I am still using it up to date and don't have any plans of changing anytime soon.

You may purchase this in SM Watsons for only 150 pesos (less) for more information, you may check their website at:

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