Promil Four and Parents' Life-Long Partnership in Nurturing the Gift of Every Child

By Mhownai - November 14, 2017

I remember when my mom tells me stories about my development when I was a child- from my first walk, the first song I've ever sung and how I started writing. I will always be grateful to have my parents' never-ending support in developing these skill and talent.

Now that I am a mom, I also want to be more supportive of whatever activities my son wish to join. He's already 1 year and 6 months and as early as now, I can see that he has a potential in singing. He started to hum right even before he started babbling. I'm not sure if that's normal but I am really happy that he can hum while a music is playing. Furthermore, he also starts to do some dance moves like rolling his arms in a circle and turnin around.

Last November 7, 2017, Promil Four in partnership with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE) held a Learning Workshop at the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila in Pasay City. As a celebration of the Gifted Awareness Month, they feature expert speakers in the field of Developmental Pediatrics, Clinical Psychology, Obstetrics, Health & Wellness, Arts, and nutrition. They also have several activities to educate them on the importance of building a strong foundation for their child's learning abilities.

Promil Four's Learning Workshop highlights three different activities that will highlight the advantage of multi-dimensional development in nurturing a child"s gift to its full potential.

The first activity was a yoga class. This activity focuses on the importance of growth and immunity to strengthen one's physical agility. Yoga can stimulate body movement and sensory experiences for children.

The second activity is an art workshop. This is to develop to encourage recognition and memory. It focuses on how art can develop our children's memory through storytelling and painting.

The third activity us a game called "Giant Block Game" it focused on being social for better learning. It teaches us how a simple imaginative game can develop their sense of leadership qualities in children through imagination, communication and collaboration.

Aside from these three activities that are based on three learning zones- physical, mental and socio-emotional development, this learning camp also emphasizing that nutrition also plays an important role in a child's brain development.

Promil Four has been known for nurturing the young Filipino's gift. It is specially formulated for children above three years old and is the only brand that contains Nutritissentials which is a combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental and physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. To know more about Promile and its other variants, you may visit their website at

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