How to Deal With Inefficient House Helpers?

By Mhownai - November 02, 2017

It really fustrates me to be a good boss to our helper when I can see her that she's either inefficient or just making things up just for me to do the things for her. Idk.

Let me give you a little back story
She's one of the daughters of our labandera (the kne who washes our clothes) and was referred to us when Ate Doll (our favorite househelper) had an emergency and she needs to go back to the provice and stay there for a while.

So the set up was, she will be staying out and will appear to work everyday with Saturdays and Sundays off. I personally don't agree with her twice a day day off because it's too much. My mom and I have a day job and Saturdays and Sundays are the only days that we usually take a rest, not for me though because I am a freelancer and have a quota of submitting articles everyday to my boss but still, mom and I was left with no choice but to just let it be because we need a house helper. We're slowly feeling exhausted to the point like as if our body will give up. Not to mention, I'm the only one whose taking care of Edmund everyday so if I will do the household chores, I might die any moment. LOL.

So the first weeks was okay. She usually attend to work at 6AM and goes home at 5PM, the problem was, she doesn't know how to cook. So that means, I will be the one who will cook but the preparation will be done by her. But as the months gone by, she rarely goes to work and if she does, she'll arrive at around 8AM.

Grabe te. Yung stress ko umabot na sa puntong naglalagas na buhok ko. Tapos grabe kunsumisyon ko! Hahahahaha.

So how did we deal with her?
  • Set Rules
After I noticed her bad attitude towards work, I talked to my mom because I noticed that she always have her afternoon naps, it came to a point that she sleeps while her job was pending. I'm talking about washing clothes, folding clothes or even forgets setting the table for lunch. 

So we tried to talk to her. Mom said that she'll only be having 1 day off (Sunday) so that she can help my mom during Saturdays when she buys supplies from the Public Market.

  • Set Ultimatum
Since her work ettiquette is getting out of hand because she makes excuses to go home early. I don't know if its true or whatever but arriving at 8AM and going at 5PM is not so fair. So aside from going to work during Saturdays, my mom said that she will only can go home UNTIL when we finished dinner. 

While she's still employed, we are still constantly lookin for replacement because she's such a pain in the head. Mom and I rarely talks at home because were so exhausted. So our ultimatum was, as soon as we find a replacement. We'll immediately fire her.

  • Make them feel that they are irreplacable
It's really a nice way for you to let your househelpers feel like they are part of the family- we always do. But we always make sure that we can replace them. Because it's still business. We're paying them for their services.

  • Talk to them
We came to a point that we need to remind her to go to work tomorrow because we're really scared and we feel like she will ditch us everyday. She usually be absent after she receives her salary (which is weekly) yup. I know it's big hassle. My mom also tried talking to her and asking if she could arrive earlier because I work at night and I expect thay as soon as I wake up there's already a prepared breakfast on the table and clearly my mom cannot do that

P.S: before saying that I am lazy and all. I just want to emphasize that I work at night and sleep at around 3AM and wakes up at 6AM few minutes before he wakes up. Mom on the other hand usually leaves the house at 6:30AM.

  • Fire them
We came to the final stage of painfuly keeping up with all the b.s that she did. It happened when I was sick, my tummy was hurting af and I don't know why later that day, I was diagnosed with acute gastroenthritis. So as soon as I got home and prescribed with meds. My mom told me that she will not be going to work because she had bad tummy aches. It was a Monday and she celebrated her 25th birthday on Sunday to add this whole madness, she asked if she can go home early on Saturday but she'll be receiving a full pay (she was paid per day)

So as soon as I found out I was like 'okay' and asked mom if she can file for a leave because I can't take care of Edmund alone because I am still having jolts of pain even though I'm already on meds. 

My mom was not feeling well that time but she said okay. 

So the next day, I am feeling much better so mom went to work early. Then I received a text from her telling that she will not be going to work because she's still having a LBM. I asked her if she can go to work atleast half day to cook for us but she didn't. So I was left with no choice but to eat at a friend's house. She promised that she'll be going to work tomorrow. 

So the final day comes, it was already 9AM. I was having a ton shit of articles to do and many back logs so I was expecting for her to arrive then I received another text. She said that shit herself while on the way so she went home because she smells and she cannot go to work. Again.

I had enough and finally said that don't bother comming back. I even told her that the reason why we hire her is to make ourlives a little bit easier because doing household chores is a handful but ever since she was our helper. She's not helping at all-jut giving us tons of headaches and were not getting the service that we deserve because she's receiving a good amount of salary. 

Update: Ate Doll was so back. I gained weight because she's a good cook. I am back on track with my blogs and video blogs. So I'm very much happy. 

Sometimes, these types of helpers abuse our kindness and understanding. Piece of advice, know when you had enough. Fire her if she's just giving you a hard time. You'll thank youself later.

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