Should You Buy a Car or Not?

By Mhownai - October 31, 2017

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Travelling through our busy streets is really a hassle, let's admit it. It's really hard to travel together with a large volume of people during rush hour- we all want to travel at comfort to probably sleep and do other things while on our way to our destination. So sometimes people tend to buy their very own car for various reasons: it's convenient, it's easy to travel and it's safe. Personally, one of my goals as I grow up is to have my own ride because aside from the bragging rights like 'yup honey, I personally bought this car,' as a blogger, it will be easy for me to go events and bring all my camera equipment without the thought of thieves and things as such- you know what I mean.

Things to consider when you're buying a car
  1. Family and/or Friend's Opinion: If you're new in buying a car, you must bring a friend or a family member with you, one who knows more about cars with you. Aside from they can check the machines and different characteristics of the car for you, they can also suggest different car models that might attend your needs but you never knew existed because you're not thatknowledgeable.
  2. Needs:Your car should really depend on your needs, some people would really need the basic cars but some really need SUVs and the big ones. If you have a large number of family members, I strongly suggest to get the van or the SUVs- it should have enough room for everyone.
  3. Skill of driving: One thing that you should really consider when buying is your skill in driving. For me, if you are not comfortable in driving manual, but you can, I think you should go Manual and practice for you to get better but if you don't want or you can drive manual but wants a easy driving (without clutch) then go for automatic. Also, you should consider your expertise in driving when buying the new and used ones. Personally, I think if you're just practicing specially parking, you may purchase the used ones because it's much cheaper and if ever you crash the car, it won't hurt that much compared when that happened to brand new. LOL.
  4. Finance: Of course, you need to consider your money because how can you buy a car if you don't have enough, right? And also what is the point of having car if you might be drowning in debt or have nothing to eat in the next weeks.

    Remember this: Having a car is like having a baby, you need to take care and maintain it.
  5. Pros and Cons: Lastly, you need to consider this as your final decision. Should you really need to buy the car or not? Would this really help you or not? Will you be using it as much or not? Do I have enough money to for maintenance, gas and all or not?

There are alot on the list actually but doing your research and prior to buying your dream car is a must. I highly recommend checking Cars.com as they all have the information that you'll be needing from purchasing the best car that will suit your needs down to the perfect car seat for your little one. It's pack with all the information that you needed.
Buying your dream car is a really big step, so don't rush, research and think about before settling.

*image provided by cars.com*

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