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By Mhownai - October 20, 2017

As a mom, I always want to make sure that everything that I'll be giving to my little one is safe to avoid harm and potentially but not hoping- sickness. I always want to be save money but also, I would like to give what's best for him. I mean, every parent would do everything for their little one right?

I remember when Edmund was born, we've been using Pampers Baby Dry and we've love the product. It's just that the price was a little over for me when I lost my job and literally tried to sustain my and Edmund's needs especially when his father and I broke up. So I need to cut my cost and switch to much cheaper options. We switched to Lampien Twins Pampers and we were just so lucky that Edmund's skin was not sensitive and was comfortable in that diaper; that really saves me more.

Luckily, I am really blessed with so much blessing- I had a freelance job, compensation with different company and other company collaborations, I can say that we can buy new products to try or go back with the old lifestyle that we have (but not to much).

Pamper Premium Care is on my top of my list of things to buy whenever I earn enough.

We have the size Large and it is really perfect with Edmund, his legs are not too apart especially whenever his diaper is fool which is a plus but I really love how lightweight it is especially the cotton-like cover with wetness indicator. 

Since we're talking about how lightweight they are, it's too thin that I could bring with me more diapers in Edmund's diaper bag. 

I love the tape in this diaper, it seems like a velcro to me. It really does stick to Edmund and does not ruin the diaper. Furthermore, I also like the design of the diaper, it's too cute. 

When it comes to absorbancy, it does work wonders. I tried its wonders by pouring 4 cups of water and to my surprise, I can't barely cary it but it doesn't really leaking or make my hand wet. 

I also didn't experience any leaking diapers at the morning and Edmund was not that fuzzy even you can see that his diaper is already full. That's what I really most about it. 

Regardless of the price or what brand your little one has been using, the most important is that they are comfortable and will not be harm whenever they try them on. Budget is on he priority list but our little ones will be on our top priority.

You may purchase Pamper Premium Care at Lazada, link is here.

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