Nailaholics Celebrates Its 2nd Year of National Pampering Day

By Mhownai - October 18, 2017

If you would notice on my previous blog posts and recent posts on my social media platforms, Nailaholics have a treat to everyone who wants to be pampered for a day- for free. They called it "The National Pampering Day" this aims to give hardworking employees, mothers, fathers and everyone who cannot afford to pamper themselves to be well-taken care off by Nailaholics in a short period of time.

People who will go to their nearest branch and choose their preferred procedure (soothing manicure, calming footspa, relaxing foot massage) they will sign a form wherein they will fill up all the basic information needed and signature.

Having a pampering sesh for free seemed to be fun, but what's event better with this is Nailaholics will be supporting these following organization: World Vision, Save Philippine Seas and The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Yes I know, this sounds really great!

I went to Nailaholics, SM Fairview to join their National Pampering Day. When I got in, I was really surprised to see my neighbors there, Ate Ivy said that she saw my post on my facebook and tried to avail the event. It really makes me feel like I'm a legit blogger *sorry, too overwhelmed*

I chose the calming foot spa as my preferred procedure. I was assisted in one of the seats while my nail technician prepared the stuff that she'll be using. I waited and took pictures as I wait.

The nail technician (I cannot remember her name) approached and instructed me to dip my fit into the water. I never seen a foot spa mixture with rocks on it, as I'm just used to that pink-ish mixture with suds on it or the usual foot spa water that their using in local parlors.

Ate (I'll just call her 'ate') approached me again and started filing my callus. Then she put some exfoliate of some sort in my feet up in my legs and started rubbing it. It felt like there's peppermint and she rinsed it. My feet never felt that moisturized in my entire life. Finally, she gently massaged my feet.

I was really relaxed though I hope that the foot spa was longer. The manager welcomed me and the over all staff were really friendly. The onky critique that I have was with my nail technician. She wasn't as welcoming as others, I was asking her what eas the purpose of the rocks in the mixture, she just replied "Design lang yan" (Its just design) I felt like she shut me down but no issues or hard feelings.

While chatting with the manager and the finance manager, I saw Heart Ramos, the lead role of Dear Heart in ABS-CBN. She and her mother was really nice and allowed me to take a picture with her. She was so adorable and makes me want to wish for a baby girl. But first, diploma and then husband. *rolf*

Overall, the event was successful, I really enjoyed it and was able to meet Ate Mariel of ; this is what I love about events, I was able to found new friends.

Congratulations Nailaholics for your successful event and may you have more events like this to pamper more hardworking Filipinos.

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