I Really Hate It When My Son Gets Sick

By Mhownai - September 11, 2017

Last week's really stressful for me as Edmund had a fever with following rashes appeared from his face down to his toes.

I was really freaking out hoping that it wasn't dengue.

What happened was last Sunday we went to SM and had him rode different kiddie rides and stuff. He was really happy. We also ate at Chowking for lunch and he seemed to enjoy the moment.

So Sunday evening, I gave him his evening bath as I always do (with doctor's approval, of course) then I felt that his palms are a little bit hot and his head, I didn't mind it at first because I thought it was just hot on that specific night that's why his temperature increases as well. 

But at around 3 AM, he was sleeping on my chest and I woke up because he was really hot. I asked my mom to get the thermometer- his temperature was 38.02 Celsius. So I woke Edmund and gave him paracetamol.

My mom asked me if we will bring him to the doctor to have him checked but I said no and let's wait for the entire day because I was thinking that his fever might be because of teething or 'lagnat laki' or 'nagdadahilan' so I managed the entire day taking care of him. 

We bonded and read several children's books. He was wrapped in my fleece blanket that he really loves to hold when he was sleepy or not feeling better.

Unfortunately, his temperature didn't go down, in fact, it reached 38.04 Celsius so I decided to send him to his pedia to get checked first thing in the morning. 

The initial diagnosis was a viral infection that he got from kiddie rides or children's stool. So as the doctor explained to us, there might be a child who occupied the ride first that was contaminated with a virus which Edmund sadly acquired. So she explained that the rashes were just normal and it will appear more as the days gone by. She gave us anti-allergy and advised us that if ever he has his fever, we need to get him a blood extraction to check his CBC, platelet counts and other things.

So we were relieved to find out that he was negative for dengue and we immediately went home and mom went to the drug store to buy his medicine. 

However, he still had the fever the day after so we had his blood extraction and while waiting for the results, Edmund seemed to be fine, his temperature lowered and he's gaining his strength which I bet a really good sign. 

As the results showed that everything was normal. The doctor gave his final diagnosis which is a viral infection and she advised us to have Edmund his bath because according to her, his temperature won't go down unless we gave him a bath as soon as the medicine for his fever kicked in. 

So that's what I did. As soon as he woke up with his afternoon nap, I gave him his medicine for fever and after a few minutes, I gave him a quick warm bath. 

And voila, his fever was gone. 

What did I learn from this experience?

  • It's okay to be a bit OC when it comes to your little one whether it may be because of virus or any disease that he might get when using rides and things for public use. 
  • Always bring a sanitizer with you and a toy and surface cleaner. People might think you're over reacting but these people won't pay you the bills if your little one got sick. 
  • Relax. Everything will be fine. 
  • Trust your pedia. He/She knows what they are doing if ever you're doubting, have him checked by a different doctor for a second opinion. 
  • Save money. You never know when this emergency situation will happen. I was thinking while we're at the laboratory waiting for his results if ever we don't gave money, how will my son get his treatment and the right diagnosis? 
I really hate when my son was sick not because of my sleeepless nights or the money that I'll be spending. I hate it because it hurts me to see my son not feeling well and can't be able to do the normal things he does. Good thing he really a strong healthy boy.

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