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By Mhownai - August 29, 2017

You know guys how much I love planning because it gives me the idea that my life is getting together because of it (kidding), my time table is on track and all the things that I need to accomplished through out the day was jotted down that's why I always see if there's more that I needed to do.

It's also my way to release all my creative juices and also considered as my "me" time.

This new hobby is required to shed some money for you to buy the supplies. So I make sure to include my planning supplies but in a very limited budget- under 500. Yes, some washi tapes caused over 70 per roll. It's kind of expensive so I need to be practical and use all my sources.

Good thing I was able to bump on this facebook group that destash that sells their pre-loved items and they also sell washi tape samples- which I absolutely love.

This is my second transaction with Ate Vanj, she sells different planning supplies at a very affordable price.

This is what I got from her:

I bought washi tape samples (white, regular sized) I really love the designs that I chose.

I also bought gold binder clips that I've been wanting for the longest time, I wanted to buy the ones from National Bookstore but it's kind of expensive

She was really sweet to give me more more freebies- thank you so much!

September is officially here in a few days, until then, I want to show you that I'll be spending time to film a plan with me video and I'm officially starting a bullet journal system, I hope to succeed in that system. 

You may want to check out Ate Vanj's instagram:
She's very accommodating and such a generous seller.

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