I went to NU Skin Event and I Met My Co-Vloggers At MOA

By Mhownai - August 24, 2017

I know that this post should be posted a week ago but I was stuck with school works and different problems that had piled up. I wish I will be better soon. But, here it goes. Last August 12, 2017- Saturday, I asked for a day off to unwind all the toxins and all the negativity in my mind and in my life. I have been very negative towards life.

I really need a break.

So I packed my bags and I decided that I will be going anywhere, just to release all the stress. I was supposed to go to Mindoro, but I am very lucky because God gave me somewhere that I can go to which is NU Skin Event.

I went to Octagon Center in Ortigas to attend the said event. I was really clueless on the area, how to go there. I went on a little adventure. It was really fun.

On the event, I experienced to have my skin analyzed. They examined the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, textures, bacteria, sun damage, pigmented spots, and acne. My body was scanned based on the Oxidative Stress and it was also analyzed based on the Body Composition so I would know my body age.

On top of that, I experienced their products. I am really amazed by how the products work. I was able to purchase their toothbrush- AP24 Whitening Toothpaste, which I will be reviewing in a few weeks.

Thank you, Miguel for inviting me to this event and also, for the words of wisdom of your ate. I couldn't thank you guys enough.

After the event, I went to MOA to meet Ronald and Fransen. Ronald was one of my youtube friends and we met for the first time, we ate at Zark's and it was amazing. I've never been to Zark's or eaten any of their food so this is the first time.

After MOA, I went straight ahead to Trinoma so I can ride a UV going home but before I went home, I purchased some of crafting supplies and I was able to purchase a bag for 300 pesos which is really amazing! I also had an ear pierce, which reminds me that by the time comes that my pierce is already healed, I need to be okay.

This day was really fun! It was refreshing, I hope I can do this every month.

Please watch my vlog to see how my day went:

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