Homeschool for College (My Homeschool Program)

By Mhownai - August 18, 2017

Sometimes, when we start to work even if we don't have our diploma yet, we just want to work hard and earn because we need to be practical. When we have this mindset, usually, education would be least on our priority list. But diploma is just as important as a job. Let's face it when you have the experience and the diploma, more job opportunities would be coming to us.

I want to share you a little story way back when I was still studying in Mapua. I have classmates as old as 24 years old who are taking up 1st-year classes. I remember one time, I had a friend who already has a family and he's already aged 30 but he's still studying.

All that I'm saying is: age doesn't matter as long as you want to pursue your college.

After I had Edmund, I decided to go back to schooling. However, I am in between two decisions: to study or not. Because no one's going to take care of Edmund, my parents are working full time. I am not receiving any form of help from his biological dad. I am also breastfeeding him (until now) and I don't want to wean him at that time because he was still young and he needs complete nutrients that my milk has. Lastly, I want Edmund to grow with me. But I also want to study and work.

So going back to regular school was not in my options. I was just really lucky to found out that New Era University has a homeschool program for college.

VEM (Vantage Education Management) is a distance education program that benefits single mothers (or fathers), working students and the like to continue school at the comfort of their home (or wherever they maybe)- even abroad, yes! They accept students abroad. This could be a great idea for our OFWs who would like to continue working while studying at the same time.

As of now, VEM is only catering limited programs for Bachelor's degree and Master's degree
Yes, my dear, they have master's program

Sounds interesting huh? But I know my Filipino readers would know that this university is handled by the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. But let me tell you that, this school is open to all religions. I am a Roman Catholic but still, I am a part of their community.

These are initial requirements that you need to pass in order for you to be enrolled:
  • Accomplished form of Application
  • High school card (Form 138)
  • 4 pcs. of latest identical photos (size 2x2)
  • Payment of the application fee
  • Patotoo and Letter of Recommendation from a member of INC (for non-Iglesia Ni Cristo applicant)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Grades or Transcript of Records
  • Honorable Dismissal from the previous school
To give you an idea of how much the tuition is, I am currently enrolled in 24 units (8 subjects) and my tuition fee is about 20,000. Each unit costs roughly 500.

If you really want to enroll in a homeschool program. Here is the first step: Submit an email with the subject: ADMISSION INQUIRY

You may send it to cc:
for Filipino College and Master's Degree Program Applicants
and for Non-Filipino Applicants, you may send it to

You may also contact them at 687 80 64 or 509 90 00 for Direct lines or +63 915 596 8562 or +63 915 596 8579 for mobile number

Did I mention they also have homeschool program for Kindergarten, Pre-school and High School? Yes. They have. HIP (Home Intervention Program) is available for our kids if you would like them to be homeschooled.

You may contact them through:

Teacher Jovelle
509 90 00
+63 915 596 8562

Bro. Cyrus or Bro. Gabby
975 71 54
+63 917 503 8202

For more inquiries, you may check out their website.

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