Happy Birthday Edmund! (Part 2: The Celebration)

By Mhownai - June 21, 2017

Today's the grand celebration of my son's birthday. It's not really so "grand" but we put our time and effort with this party.

Most of our family members travelled for over 2 to 3 hours just to attend my son's big day (thank you family). We invited few close friends and family members. I want it to be intimate as possible, because none of this will be remembered my Edmund anyways. I also didn't bother to invite more classmates because it's Edmund's big day not mine.

So the party took place at Jollibee Olympus Arcade. Jollibee is a popular fast food chain here in the Philippines and most of children's party are celebrated here.

The party started at around 4 PM. I was really sad because my best friends that I invited is not yet there but that's okay I know how busy they are.

As the party went on, my bestfriend Katherine arrived. I was really pumped up! Then my other friend Romilyn with her boyfriend. We spend our time catching up because it's been years since the last time we saw each other- I was really relieved.

Everyone was having fun because of different games that the host had prepared for us, it was amazing! They also prepared different dance numbers.

As the food was served another friend of mine showed up with her girlfriend. We were laughi and sarcastically tease them of how early they are and if they can come any earlier. Hahaha. My friend also told me that another friend will follow it's just that he forgot the date for today. Hahahaha.

Then she came, ny friend since 2nd year highschool. Hahaha. She was panting and really sweaty.

We stayed until 8PM in the area just to catch up.

Edmund's party was really fun. I decided not to invite alot because it's not my day, it's definitely Edmund's and pretty much he won't have any memory of this. So I decided to make this intimate and invited our really close friends.

We were planning for a grand celebration as he reached 5 years old  or when he started schooling so he can enjoy himself together with his friends and classmates.

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