What I've learned from my breakup

By Mhownai - May 20, 2017

You already know, if you've been my friend on facebook that I recently posted the conversation of my ex and his current girlfriend containing nasty messages which contains purely- LUST. I'm not sure if he does love the girl but all that I know is, he didn't talked to me that way because he respected me so much. 

I've been an open book to you guys since the first time I announced that my ex called it quits. It was a one sided break up but last week, I decided to let go- there's no point in trying and waiting. He called me, though we didn't talked any long but I guess that's my closure. That's my peace of mind. I found out that he deleted my pictures on his account, which is my only request from him.

Do you have any regrets?
Not really. I gave my all, my everything and eventhough we didn't worked out the way I pictured my future, still, I accepted. It's hard of course, but I know that God has a bigger plan laid out for me. He knows my future and I owe everything to him.

Why did you post the nasty conversation of your ex and his girlfriend?
To embarass him. To make him repay for all of the things he did to me? Yes, I did it for my personal pleasure. Call me evil but that's how I handled the pain. You can't blame me, it was 4 years and he just moved on just like that.

What's your take on the allegations of the friends of you ex's current girlfriend about the DNA?
I told my ex that I'll be waiting for them to process the DNA. I'm very open and I know that the result will be positive. All that I'm saying is, they will be the one paying for the entire process. I won't be wasting money for nonsense shit. 

We actually have the money to process the DNA. I have a specimen available (my ex's toothbrush) but I won't waste my time and money for that because if he wants to be a father to my child he will be the father of my child. With or without the DNA.

How are you going to face this battle (raising your child) alone?
Technically I'm not alone, I have my parent's full support, I have my friends who loves and truly cares for me. I have someone who's willing to be my shoulder to cry on and want to help me fix my self to be whole again. I will be forever grateful

Do you have any plans on introducing your ex as the father of your son?
Ofcourse, it's my son's right to know his father and I know that time will come, he will be the one to discover what kind of person his father is.

How are your parents taking this?
Of course, they are hurting but they don't show that they are hurting or they pity me because if they do, I'll be sad. My parents are my only strength and Edmund of course. 

Does your ex's family still talking to you?
Nope. They didn't talked to us since day one. I mean regarding the money matter (which is a very important factor) I didn't felt their support honestly. 

In this kind of relationship that we had, in order for you to go on and be strong, you need a strong support from your parents. Which clearly his family had none that results for us to break up.

Something to say to your ex?
Thank you for everything. I wish you well and I hope you may find your peace. 

Message to yourself? 
Kaya mo yan. You don't need a man for you to be whole. There are alot of people who believe in you. Prove to your ex and his family that your break up is their loss not yours. You can do it! 

5 years from now
I'm already a degree holder, my blog is already on top. I have a career as a writer. We have a business and I'm successful

It's okay that you're hurting. Moving on is a process that might take months, years or decades. Just because you are lonely doesn't mean that you'll take advantage of somebody else's feelings to boost your ego or uplift your spirit. You need to face the problem and find the solution. Just because you're being push away doesn't mean you'll hold on to someone who's there (even if you don't love the person) love is holding on tighter even if someone's letting go. Being in love is making things up immediately rather than making the person look stupid for waiting. Don't take advantage of someone else's feelings. There is always a karma for everything. 

There's always a beauty in every ending. I know that this is not the endof me. This is my beginning for my life after this break up. I hope and pray that I'll be able to move on from this. I want to be a better person for myself and for my son and for the person who will soon fulfill my empty spaces. 

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