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By Mhownai - May 19, 2017

When I gave birth I noticed so many changes in my body, aside from the fact that I gained so much weight. I noticed that my skin got worse. From being too oily when I was pregnant, it became dry and worse, acne prone. I saw how tired my face it and how I became darker. 

My self-esteem lowered and I was really sad. Especially when my ex and I broke-up. I did nothing but cry for 3 consecutive months, I noticed how my face and skin started to look so dehydrated and my skin started to have acnes- another reason to be sad. 

At my lowest point, I woke up one day saying that, I had enough, I need to be better, I need to look good. I cannot dwell with this pain because I will not go any further. I will just remain sad and miserable.

I heard this product, Jinju White soap. 

About the product:

Jinju White is the latest in technological advancement thru the extration of Earth's purest ingredients clinically proven to brighten, lighten and moisture any tired and dull skin. It deep cleanses, unclogs and minimize pores, lighten dark areas, cleans acne blemishes, remove acne scars and brighten over all complexion. Achieve fair, smooth, even toned skin.


I immediately tried this product after I received it, I experienced having rash on my right arm but it disappeared overnight. I also remember that I started to shed my dead skin as early as 5 days which is a good sign that this product was working well. When I reaced the 7th day, I noticed my glow is getting back. I received compliments from my mom that I'm glowing again. 

I didn't noticed my skin was getting whiter until I saw this pictures. 

This photo was taken the first time I tried the product

After 1 week

After 1 month

First time I tried the product

One month after

I also noticed that my underarm, my stomach and my neck started to whiten, I am not sure if that's because of the product of it's just my skin lighting but I was happy with the results. I wan't able to post any pictures because I'm really conscious. 

  • There's no tight feeling in my skin
  • The skin suddenly exfoliated when I used it
  • Compared to other sopas that I've tried, this product didn't just melt overtime, I'm still using the first bar of soap that I've used. 
  • I feel a slight moisturize on my skin
  • I didn't felt any sting or any feeling as I'm using it
  • Really easy to use

  • There's no scent- I wish they had one in rose scent or vanilla or anything. I'm just really used to use bath soaps that are really soapy and smells really nice.

You may purchase it in any Prettylooks branches in the Philippines or you can order through my friend Rosh (link's here) for only 180 php.

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