Why I was MIA For a Week

By Mhownai - April 03, 2017

If you haven't noticed, I was out in the loop for a week and now's the time that I will be answering the question "WHY?!"

I know, I know! I do not need to explain why I was MIA but I think it's my responsibility for my readers to know why I was missing in action. Although I've already announced it on my social media accounts that I'll be gone for the week, it's still really nice to know what I did for the entire week (for my nosy people out there!)

Posting a selfie because YNOT?!

So the primary reason why I was MIA because it was my FINALS WEEK! Being a homeschooling freak, we all know the struggle of self-studying and having no professor to call whenever you need them. Although there are support and professors are really kind enough to answer all my questions especially whenever I'm struggling in math. Still, it take some time (like you'll wait for a specific answer for the entire day before they reply because professors are so busy like that)

but I was happy that I was able to complete my exams and hopefully ace in some subjects (tanggap ko na di ko mapperfect yung math)

Aside from my finals, you all guys know that I'm dealing with personal matters. It's been almost 3 months since the baby daddy and I broke up and I'm thankful that I'm coping up with this problem. I'm very much thankful for everyone who's willing and there to listen to my everyday dilemmas. 

In lieu with this, I filed a blotter against the family of my ex for our protection. I was at the lowest point of my life last week and I was just thankful that my mom was there to advise that I shouldn't be doing crazy things that will affect Edmund in the future (I was about to file a legal case against my ex and his grandmother tbh) but I chose to just file a complaint because I know that if it hurts me, how much more to my son. I don't want him to grow up in that environment. Knowing our judicial system here in the Philippines, I know that it'll take time before the case will be resolved. So I just rather exert my time and effort into something worthwhile other than thinking about them. It's pointless. 

Since we are talking about diverting my time and effort into something worthwhile, I tried planting! Hahaha! I tried to plant tomatoes and Mexican peppers. I don't know if I have a green thumb but I can see a positive outlook with this. 

I just got this "gardening therapy" in one of the Philippine Telenovela Shows in ABS-SBN, Greatest Love. I was that crazy! 

I don't have a bigger pot but I'm planning to get one here's my tomatoes everyone!

I have two large pots of Mexican Peppers

Of course, my life is not all about challenges. I was really happy that blessings are overflowing now. I don't want to think this as a Good Karma but I guess this is.

I received ten (10) boxes of Salveo Organic Barley Grass which I gave to my friends and family and also three (3) boxes were given away to my lucky winners. Thank you so much for those who joined! Until my next giveaway, I hope that your support and love will always be there. It keeps me going. 

I also purchased watches for me and mom. I used my first ever monetary compensation from my blog. 

These are the things that made me busy for the entire week. I am really thankful for all the love and support and comfort that you guys are letting me feel. I know that I am not alone in this journey! I also started my VLOG in my Youtube Channel to make me busy this semestral break and also make my youtube channel alive. So I hope you also support me there. 

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