Photography Workshop For Kids

By Mhownai - April 13, 2017

As a film student, I always wanted to take and look at good pictures with proper lighting, in my instagram account (@mhownai_) I always follow users that have instagram feed goals.

That's why I really love to pass my photography knowledge to my son, Edmund as he grows older. It's really nice to have a special skills in photography. But I can't do it anytime soon because he's onlt ten (10) months- but I will, soon.

I've always wanted to join summer workshops when I was a kid until highschool, I really wanted to sing and to perform. I remember when I used to join workshops in ABS-CBN (a television network here in the Philippines) I worked with the best coaches who became a judge in a singing contest that I joined on the later.

As a first time mom, I would like my son to enjoy his childhood to the fullest. I don't want him spending his idle moments infront of the television or tablet and do nothing. I want him to interact with other people and enhance his communication and social skills for him to be confident about himself.

In line with these summer workshop activities, I would like to share a very fun and interactive photography workshop for our tots- yes! They already have that!

Manila Workshops and Paper Blush introduced their first-ever photography workshop for kids.

This activity is opened from ages 8-12 years old who loves taking pictures with remarkably great photos. Also, if your kids loves taking selfies, you might want to consider joining your little one to this workshop. As long as you have a gadget that has camera on it (digital camera, iPad, cellphones, DSLRs), then you're all set.

What to expect on this workshop?
  • Know the camera and how it works
  • Know the proper exposure, aperture and depth of field
  • Understand the proper use of shutter speed and motion and how to set the correct ISO
  • Hands-On Training
  • Learn how to handle and take care of the camera
  • Understand proper lighting
  • Learn different techniques on how to make a good composition, choosing the right subject
  • Know what foreground and background relationship is, emphasis and rule of thirds
  • There are also different photo challenges, portrait exercises and still life

This would be a lot of fun, if my child is only older enough to understand how to take picture, I would surely enroll him in this workshop because it is jumpacked with all of the basic information a photographer must have. I know I do, I've been to several photography classes *wink*

Learning rates are as follows:

Early Bird Rate- 1500 (in peso)
Bring-A-Buddy Early Bird Rate- 2500 (in peso)
Regular Rate- 2500 (in peso)
Bring-A-Buddy Regular Rate- 3500 (in peso)

The fee is inclusive of handouts, certificates, giveaways and snacks!

Early Bird Rates are until April 16, 2017 11:55PM

Details of the workshop

When: April 29, 2016 from 1PM to 5 PM
Where: Launch Garage, Industria Mall, Circulo Verde

Please check out the poster for complete details

For more informations please contact: Ms. Veni 09272816657

and check out their blog for other information:

This is a very fun and learning activity for your kids. I'm sure that your kids will enjoy this day as much as you do, they can be able to learn different things that will mold them in what they want later on in life plus, it's really nice to let your kids interact with other people as well.

Have a happy summer friends!

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