My Experience at Food Alley Marikina

By Mhownai - April 06, 2017

I was invited to the grand opening of Laing Express in Food Alley Marikina last March 26, 2016. I was honored to be a part of this event since this is my first ever event. I was really excited and eager to meet my co-bloggers as well. You may check out the highlights of Laing Express' Grand Opening here.

I was really amazed by the look of the place as this is also my first time being in a Food Park (yes, I'm living under a rock. Sorry) Basically, Food Alley have everything that food lovers want from beef to pork to burgers down to desserts. Name it, Food Alley caters er-thing.

I honestly expected that Laing Express will be the only stall that will provide samples of their best-sellers but to my surprise, most of the stalls provided us samples of different foods that are all really good and mouth watering.


The offered us two dishes which are their best-sellers- Dinakdakan and their very own Laing.

Dinakdakan was too spicy for me because I have a bad tolerance at spicy food. Nonetheless, it was really good and my mom (which came with me) liked it.

Laing was really yummy, I honestly am not fond of eating Laing because some taro leaves are quite itchy in my tongue- I can't explain it but there's an itchy feeling on my throat after I eat it. But when I tried this Laing, I enjoyed and loved this because it is creamy and the taro leaves were so soft and also, it's not that spicy.

Price range were okay, really affordable and comes with rice which is a really great deal.

You may check their facebook page:
Or call their number at: 09178656984


Mr. Crab and Friends offers mouthwatering but really affordable seafood platters and meals. There are two (2) types of menu: Main Entree and Starter Set.

Mr. Carreon, owner of Mr. Crab and Friends started as a golfer and had this idea to create a food shack that caters everything that he and his friends eat after golf.

We asked why it was cheap for a seafood, he said that the seafoods were ordered from Quezon every 3 days that's why the cost are cheaper.

He also aims that he can be able to upgrade Mr. Crab and Friends to a restaurant. I'll be your first costumer then.

They provided 4 different platters of their very own which I are really good and flavorful. My most favorite was the calamari and camaron shrimp dip. 

I also love how it was served with gloves on so customers can dig in using their hands without getting it dirty- great idea! 

Price range was really affordable and I wouldn't be hesitant to order because it was really worth it. 


Started last 2004 in General Ordonez Avenue, Marikina. 

They offer juicy patties and most of their patties has cheese inside. 

They are now also offering milkshakes and pastas that will surely satisfy your craviness. 

The food was really tasty and I love their carbonara, not because it's my favorite but because it was packful of flavors. I honestly enjoy their food. 

Price range in their branch Food Alley was really affordable, their cheapest was 90 while the most expesive was 165 which is a really great deal especially when you want good food in budget. 

In their other branch they have double patties that costs roughly around 300. 

You may check their facebook page: //
Or contact them at 3697913


We all live desserts right? We all love sweets that's why I really enjoyed tasting their crepes and waffles. I really love smores waffles! Really really good. 

Soon they will be offering cakes and other pastries but for now, their main focus was crepes and waffles. 

They are also offering sweet coolers like mais con yelo and ice banana caramelo and my most favorite- ice scramble

This is not their typical scramble that was sold in the streets and it is pretty nostalgic to me because I remember growing up chasing manong scramble and buy 5 pesos worth of scramble with tons of powdered milk as my toppings. 

Didn't I mentioned that this is only 50 pesos? Yes, and it is on a ziplock pouch so you can carry it around. 

Dizert are also offering board games like jenga so their customers can enjoy the food while bonding with their friends. 

You may check their facebook page at:
Follow them on their instagram: @dizert_mkna
Or contact them at: 09420363828


Sigler opened on February 29, 2017 and was an idea of a group of friends. 

Sigler offers all kinds of sisig and other cuisine that has sisig with a twist. My most favorite is their Pork Quesigdilla that only costs 75. 

Price range was really affordable from 75 to 155 pesos. You can actually enjoy authentic sisig with a twist. 


Image by Sweet Silog via Facebook

Their main concept is that their serves was really tough in appearance but really sweet, soft and cuddly inside. 

Their name "Sweet Silog" was the outcome of their brainstorming as they were thinking of a catchy name for their business. 

They offer the good old Tapsilog, Tocilog, Spamsilog and Baconsilog and more processed foods 

Here are their all time best sellers: Salsilog (Salmon, Fried Rice and Egg) and Chicksilog (Chicken, Sinangag and Egg) I really enjoyed their Honey Glazed Garlic Chicken which is a mix of garlic and sweet not to mention, their chicken was really juicy. 

Their price range for their foods are raging from 100 to 160. Tasting their best sellers, I must say that this is beyond worth it. It was really delicious. 


From their concept Steak and Vacation, Ultimate Steakcation caters mouthwatering Steaks in a very affordable price. 

They are offering all types of steaks and barbeques from T-Bone Steak down to Chicken Barbeque

I honestly loved their T-Bone Steak with their mashed potato on the side, YUM! Their gravy was really creamy as well. 

Ultimate Steakcation offers take-outs and accepts reservation. 
The best thing about them is, your food is good to go and ready to be eaten 5 minutes upon order. San ka pa bes?

You may check out their facebook page:


Image by TAPOUT Nachos and Burgers via Facebook

The whole concept of Tapout was all about BIG BURGERS. All of their burgers are pure beef, no extenders, made originally and cook to order. 

Their Heavyweight is consists of two (2) patties and has a weight of a quarter pound. 

Every Saturday and Sunday, they have a challenge to eat a burger filled with three (3) patties, ham, bacon, egg with potato chips on the side. 

Do you want to try their challenge? 

Check out their facebook page at:


Image by CoreFreeze via Facebook

Their main concept is all about liquid nitrogen. It became popular here in the Philippines in near 2012 or 2013 where in a lot has been using liquid nitrogen to freeze different products. 

Most people were amazed because not everyone are not familiar with this type of food. 

Their price range was from 90 to 140

You may check out their best sellers: Cookies and Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake Ice cream and Hazelnut Pepero. 

You may check out their facebook page:
or their instagram: @corefreeze


They are offering different types of chicken with different siders.

You may check their facebook page at:
And their instagram on: @chwingsipakpakmo

Thank you so much Food Alley Marikina for having us! I enjoyed the event and also the food. You may check these stalls at Food Alley Marikina

Block 2 Lot 20 Bayan-Bayanan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

They are open daily from 4PM to 12 AM. 

You may also check their facebook page:

Enjoy good food, good music and have a good time with Food Alley Marikina

Please watch  my full video of my experience at Food Alley in Marikina

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