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By Mhownai - April 04, 2017

Every single day is a new knowledge for me as a mother and as a person. Being a single mom, I honestly don't have much knowledge in what does my baby needs and how-to-take-care of my little one.

I had few knowledge that I learned through experience- helping my cousin take care of her daughter and through reading. Good thing there is already support group in facebook wherein mothers share their experiences of their kids, how do they make situations better most specially how to take care of their little one when their sick.

I am not a "master" in being a mother. But I still wanted to share with you my personal must haves. I read so much blogs and watched so many videos on youtube that gave me an idea on how to take care of my son. So I want to share my knowledge to you as well. #sharingiscaring

My Personal Mom and Baby Must Have

1. Nursing Bib

Not all people are open in breast feeding in public, even though we all know that it is legal, breastfeeding mom isn't safe with racist people who will always look whenever you feed your baby or even call you and ask you to move to a different area.

It always happens to me, although whenever I feed, I always cover my boob there will be a certain person that will look at you and I don't know why, is it because I look young to be a mom or because they don't want to see breastfeeding mom? I don't know.

So I bought a nursing bib in SM Baby Company for 200 pesos to cover my son whenever he's hungry. I rarely use this though because it's hot but I use it whenever we're at the mall or wherever it's cool.

This product is also versatile, you can use it as a blanket or a cover for you son's crib or stroller or simply your own blanket *laughs*

2. Mosquito Patches

I am always nosy when it comes to mosquito because it's hard for a child to experience dengue and also, it's hard for a mother to see her child suffering so I make sure that my son's environment is  mosquito free. But how can I save him from mosquio bites when we are outside?

Mosquito repellants are well known and I've used it back when I was still in grade school but honestly, I remember how irritating and sticky it was in my skin not to mention I feel hot whenever I use it.

So when I had a child of my own, I found out this mosquito patches. I used several brands of these now (cycles, moskishield and the ones from Japan) but one product stand out, wait for my review about this.

3. Bottle Cleaner

Baby Bottles and baby stuff specially the ones that goes in his mouth should always be clean and sterile. When I was still pregnant, I asked some moms what bottle cleaner are they using for their child because I read in one article that dishwashing cleaners are too strong for our child.

A mom recommended me to try this, Cradle Bottle and Nipple Cleanser and I immediately tried and bought it, I haven't tried any other products since.

I read the information on the bottle and what I really liked about the product is that it is safe to children and made from natural products. I also like the scent.

4. Surface and Toy Cleaner

My son reached the stafe wherein everythin that he holds goes straightly into his mouth.

That's why I immediately purchased this when I saw the product in Baby Company. I always use this to clean his toys and high chair also his walker every single day because that's the things that he use daily.

It's easy to use and safe for the children also it is alcohol free which is an A+ for me.

I forgot how much this costs but its ranging from 200 to 250.

5. Air Disinfectant

We always use Lysol back when I didn't have a son yet. But now when Lysol introduced this product. We immediately tried it and it smells really good and mild which is good for the baby.

I like how this product was specially formulated for the baby's room.

Now a days when everything was polluted, it is a must for us to take extra care for our little one. Yes, even the air we breathe.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

I'm still looking for air disinfectant that is made from natural ingredients.

6. Teether

My son is already teething. I remember how irritable he is but we were just lucky that he didn't had any fever when his teeth starts to erupt.

My mom got this teether from Baby Company (yes, again) and Edmund really love using this.

We always bring this anywhere and let Edmund use it especially at times when he is hungry or wants something in his mouth.

We also put it in the freezer so whenever we offer this to him, we make sure it's cold enough for Edmund to like it. Also, we always clean it every after use.

7. Tooth Gel and Cleaner

Speaking of teething. I introduced to Edmund oral hygiene at a very young age. I make sure his teeth is clean every day. I use this cleaner even before his teeth starts to errupt. It is much better than using his wash cloth as his tounge cleaner.

When his first tooth started to errupt. I asked Edmund's pedia if she can recommend a product that will help Edmund in his oral hygiene. She told us that we can use anything (baby toothpaste) that we prefer as long as we only let him use very small portion of the product (size is like a grain of sand)

When we got the go signal. I rushed in Mercury Drug Store as soon as we got home and tried to find a product that suits my son's needs.

I purchase Sansfluo Tooth Gel and was interested with the product as it is safe to swallow and made from natural products. You may check out my first impression here.

8. Stroller

If you're a go to mom like me. This is a must for you. I also like to wear my baby but its hard to do it know because he's getting heavier so we purchased a stroller.

Having a stroller is really a relief for me because I can move however I want. I will make a review about this product as well. Check it out.

What you my mommy readers? What are your mommy must have? Please let us know at the comments section below.

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