How We Celebrated Easter

By Mhownai - April 17, 2017

This year's Easter is really memorable for me because this is my first Easter with my baby boy. So here's what we did to celebrate this Easter Sunday.

We went to the church early in the morning and one of my friends gave Edmund an Easter egg. I was laughing hard. We went early because my mom is serving in the church as the commentator.

So as usual Edmund slept the entire mass and woke up in the last part which is the blessing. After the mass, they announced that kids should find an Easter egg that has different prizes inside. Mom saw an egg beside where she was seating so she immediately got it and gave it to Edmund so my friend asked if there's a paper inside because there's a special prize and guess what, yes there is a paper inside the yellow egg.

Here is Edmund's outfit for today. By the way, thank you so much @BubblyfacePh for my baby boy's rattle socks! It's so cute.

We went home straight away, I'm really having fun whenever Edmund and I stroll out, just looking at his pose and how he was really relaxed makes my heart awe!

Here are the prizes for Edmund. We didn't put so much effort in finding eggs because obviously he can't eat it but yes, I will eat it! Hahahaha!

So here he is, enjoying and playing with his candies, I tried offering him the jellyace but he refuse to eat it. So yup, I ate it. 

I went for a really natural and fresh makeup look today because it's really hot and I can't manage to wear full face makeup on. I will just end up like a zombie. 

At around 2PM, we went to my god mother's house to commemorate the 40 days of death of her mother-in-law, we prayed the rosary and had a simple meal prepared by her family

How about you guys? How did you celebrated Easter? Let me know on the comments section below.

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