Another Bad Customer Service at Cebuana Lhuillier

By Mhownai - April 15, 2017

This is the second time that I'll be posting a blog regarding bad customer service of Cebuana Lhuiller. The first one happened last 2015 when a guard from their company took my number by surprise. You may check out my blog post here.

So this incident happened earlier. I was with Ate Doll (our helper) and we were the first ones in Cebuana (Zabarte Almar Branch, the one's outside North Olympus) so we were asked by the guard if it's our first time to have transaction with Cebuana and we told him no, he handed us fill up forms with the numbers '43' and '44' so I was holding the number 43 and Ate Doll was holding the number 44. So Ate Doll was the first to finish filling up the form because I had a hard time remembering how much do I need to send. So in other words, her paper was the first on the line.

We were waiting patiently there when the teller called my name and assisted me. There were only one teller on the branch at that time. So after I was called, we were expecting that Ate Doll will be next (based ont the number on the filled up form) but to our surprise, an old lady waas served first but we perfectly understood it because she's a senior citizen but they let another lady pass and obviously she was not a senior so the lady that came in third stood up and asked what happened and Ate Doll came in the cashier and asked why was she not called yet.

So after the lady was assisted, Ate Doll was assisted but thing that made me pissed is this cashier told my Ate Doll "Dalawa lang namang yung nauna sayo" (There were only two (2) assisted ahead of you) and I was like, WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING A NUMBER IN THE FILLED UP FORM WHEN YOU DON'T USE IT ANYWAYS? I believe the main purpose of that number is to be organized but I believe that it's not organized at all.

Not to mention that in that specific branch, the service is too slow. I remember one time I took the payments of the shipping in my last ggiveaway, I remember I waited for almost half an hour for a 70 pesos. I was really angry because there were three (3) people in the counter but I believe two (2) are only working.

I honestly didn't want to use Cebuana as my money remmitance because of their bad service in the area. I've been using Cebuana as mode of payment when I have an online shop in Cainta but I never had bad experienc. I also tried the branch near in SM Masinag, in Almar but their service was fast. So I am just wondering why Cebuana near our subdivision is too slow?

I just couldn't believe that Cebuana Lhuillier are accepting bad customer service. I hope that they would do something about this.

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