Rejuvinate Your Skin in a Week

By Mhownai - March 24, 2017

Skin imperfections are really normal in our face specially to my sisters out there that doesn't have THAT budget like me so let me share with you my ways on how I rejuvinate my skin in a week.

Please excuse my hair. I'm still suffering my Post Partum Hairloss. *rolf* my hair is growing now. Yes!

What causes our pimples and skin imperfections?


Stress is the number 1 on my list as this causes different things in our body. Ofcourse, when you're stressed out you tend to forget things like washing your face, taking care of yourself or even eating healthy.


People working in the field or exposed in the pollution have very dirty skin that tends their skin to produce more oil and as well as they harmful rays of the sun if we are not knowledgeable on how to take care of our skin, our skin will suffer

Habit & Lifestyle

If we are smoking or drinking, our body will suffer without us knowing it. I am guilty that I do not have a skin care routine before and when I try to have one, I am not sticking to my skin care routine. That's why I have bad skin before.

How to rejuvinate your skin in a week?

Drink plenty of water

We all know this trick but some of us don't know the benefits of water. As you urinate, your toxins will be washed out so the more you drink water, more toxins will exit your body

Rub ice on your face

I've learned this technique when I was in highschool when I used to breakout alot. That's why I'm sharing this with you. Rubbing ice on your pimples makes the pimples dry fast and somehow makes your skin tight. It works wonders. Try it before you sleep and as you wake up. It always makes your skin alive and more glowing.

Have a skin care routine

If you are a very busy person and always on the go, please do not remove this on your everyday's to do list. Washing your face removes the dirt on your face throughout the day. Make a habit to wash your face atleast twice a day. As soon as you wake up and before going to bed. Don't forget to tone your face after. On my previous blog, I shared my toner secret that helped my redness fade and lessen my pimples. Check it out here. Id you needed to go out, always put sunscreen before going out. Also don't forget to moisturize your face.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Eat healthy, sleep atleast 8 hours a day or as much as you can. Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes and also don't forget to change your pillow cases atleast a week.

Less is more

Puting alot of products on your face will abuse your skin. So if it is not a requirement for you to put a heavy makeup, don't put over do your makeup or if you will just stay at your house, give your skin a break. Make a habit to atleast let your skin breathe every once in a while.

How about you? How do you rejuvinate your skin? Share your routine on the comments.

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