My Breastfeeding Story

By Mhownai - March 04, 2017

As you all guys know that this is my first son and my first pregnancy so the adjustments was so overwhelming but luckily, I was able to surpass all of these challenges so far. Anyways, I will share with you my story on my experiences while breastfeeding.

I exclusively breastfeed my 8 month old son and I don't have any plans of stopping anytime soon.

I introduced him my right boob few hours after I gave birth, my midwife instructed to change boobs from time to time so that my breast will have the same size.

I honestly didn't have problem of producing milk because at my 7th or 8th month of my pregnancy my boobs are engorged and has milk already (I remember pinching my nipples when I was taking a bath then my milk came out. *lol*)

Furthermore, I actually have a lot milk up to this date but here's one of the challenges that I encountered. It was few weeks after I gave birth and I have too much milk which my son wasn't able to consume all because he always sleeps and doesn't need too much milk that's why I had a fever ranging from 39 degrees, I took parecetamol and my fever was gone. I guess that's because of too much supply.

Then I noticed that he doesn't want to feed on my left boob until now. Even if I try to latch him, he still refuse to drink on my left boob. Now, my left boob is much smaller that the right but I don't mind.

Breastfeeding in public

I don't mind feeding my son on public places specially in restaurants or malls. I don't mind showing my boob- my son is hungry, why would I think what other people might think. I just make sure to cover so that I wont make people awkward.

I've encountered people looking at me when I nurse. I don't know if they're looking at me because I look young to have a kid or because I'm nursing in public- I don't care.

I also do not pump because I a stay at home, there were cases that I used to pump but that was when he was still 2 months old when I fixed my credentials in my previous school. I wasn't able to feed him through bottle because he just don't like the nipple. I tried several brands but none of them worked out but for now, he's using Avent bottle whenever he drinks his water every now and then.

My milk is the best gift that I can give to my son. Since I stay at home with him and God gave me so much milk, why not give him everything right? Plus we save a lot of money and he doesn't get sick easily.

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