Laing Express NOW OPEN at Food Alley Marikina

By Mhownai - April 01, 2017

It was my first time to join a blogger's event as I was just an active blogger for almost 3 months. I am really thrilled when I received an invitation from Laing Express and immediately reserved my slot because I am really thrilled to cover an event.

Let me tell you a little bit about Laing Express:

So Laing Express is an all-Filipino food store that is cooked with love and perfections. Their ingredients are guaranteed fresh and handled with care. Their very famous Laing has two different flavors that you can choose from Tinapa and Pork. They are offering other Filipino dishes that will suit your cravings.

You might want to check out their menu for reference:

The grand opening was started with the blessing of the store. 

Afterward, they instructed us to go downstairs (because Laing Express is located on the second floor) and wait for the food to be served. 

I am not really fond of eating Laing because there was some itch in my tongue and in my throat in some of the Laing dishes that I first tried but I really liked the flavor of their Laing. It is rich with flavor and I can really taste the coconut milk. It is also surprisingly not spicy as I expected it to be. Nonetheless, it was a really great dish for a person who doesn't like eating Laing.

They also served us dinakdakan. I have to be honest, I cannot tolerate spicy food. So when it was served on my plate, I was enjoying my first and second spoonful of rice with dinakdakan but as expected, I gave up. I really don't want to to be wasted because the dinakdakan was really good. I suggest that they could minimize the use of red pepper for people who cannot tolerate spicy food like me.

Based on the price of each meal and how the food was cooked, I can say that it was worth it. I love how the food served to us was full of different layers of flavors. 

All in all the dish that they serve was 4.5 out of 5.

While we were eating, we were entertained by their homegrown artist who played lead guitar while we were eating, of course, he sat with us and had a little chit-chat and they he came back to the stage and played again different songs of this era accompanied with a minus one while he's in the lead. Such a talented cutie! I really enjoyed eating while listening to good music.

Laing Express is also accepting online orders with two (2) days lead time with a bank deposit and a copy of deposit slip as a proof of payment.

Thank you so much! Laing Express for letting me cover your event and I am honored to share this experience with my viewers! Also, thank you for the mommy bloggers that I met for the first time. Not to mention this baby girl who's already joining events at her very early age, imagine 2 months! Nice meeting you Ate Nheng and your baby. I just have to put the picture of your bunso because she's too cute. Check out Ate Neri's blog here.

Explore the food offered by Laing Express! Indulge yourself with authentic homecooked viands. Check out Laing Express at Food Alley 

Lot 20 Block 2 Bayan-Bayanan, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

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