Hello April! Get Planning With Me

By Mhownai - April 01, 2017


March was just my toughest month so far. I mean, I struggled so much, cried so much knowing that I just got off with a really bad break up (if you know what I mean, if not, read my latest post about my break up here ) anyways, it's already a part of my past and we need to move on with my life and I cannot dwell in the past because I have a son who depends on and loves me so much. 

In line with my whole "moving on" let's turn that page behind and let's move on with a new chapter in my life. 

Planner from: LourenthPH 

I really love decorating my planner although I'm still an amateur, I know that I will be able to achieve the #plannergoals that I wanted my planner to be. I just need time, money and SUPPLIES!

Here is my monthly spread as you can see from the picture above, I am trying to be more girly and maximizing my small boxes for my calendar. I really love combining two washis to be my header.

Washi Sample from getwashifiedph

I got this washi sample from getwashifiedph on instagram for a very affordable price, I loved the design and surprisingly, it was more fragile than I though it is.

Not to mention how really nice the seller is. She shipped my orders even if I haven't paid yet. That's how much she trusts me. Thank you so much for your kind heart Lala

I am loving some slim washi tapes and I need them in my life for some reason. However, I really find it hard to purchase slim washis in SM or any Bookstores. That's why I'm saving as much as I can and I'm using this whenever it is necessary. 

Glitter washi tape will always be on top of my list to add glam to my monthly spread. I really love how it is easy to match with another washi tapes. I think I have every color of glitter tapes being sold in the market- that's how I am obssessed with them.

I do hope that this month of April will be filled with happiness and success. I do hope that my problems last month will not haunt me. I'm trying to move on with my life and I'm praying to be a mother that is strong and is enough with my son. 

What about you, what is your goal this month?

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