RANT: Hack pa more sa social media!

By Mhownai - February 03, 2017

This evening, I witnessed a very annoying hack in my friend's twitter account. Her account was hacked by a guy (that I will not mention) and tweeted three lasvicious account and I was really offended and was really pissed.

I wasn't able to take a screen shot of the tweet because it was automatically deleted by my friend whom noticed immediately. She posted *a**i*a mo *insert the guy's username* I was able to reply on one of the tweets saying "Kung nahack tong account mo, hindi nakakatuwa" she immediately replied few minutes after saying "Besh, nahack nga"

I was used to hacking this and posting statuses on facebook, the only difference is that, it was from a guy's account and I mean in our time, we find it "normal" to post stupid statuses on your friends account like: I'm gay, I love black co**s, I love men, etc. and I just want to tell you guys, IT'S NOT OKAY!

I feel so hopeless to see whenever a guy and a hot girl became friends on facebook, the friends of the guys comments: punet, wasak, and all of socialmedia cat calling that you could ever think of. I mean guys, did your parents taught you to respect? What if it happened to your mom or your sister? Will you feel the same hype that you experiencing right now? Will you say that it's just a joke? Will you still enjoy doing this? Just to have fun? Just to make a prank for your friend for your own entertainment? Guys, I may not be the first person to tell you this but IT IS NOT OKAY! IT WILL NEVER BE OKAY!

Everyone of us should be treated with respect and let's just be civilized and please don't act like as if you're nomads or something.

I made a video out of my extreme annoying. I just hope this would be the last time I will be able to see my friend or anyone be victimized by social media prank such as this.

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