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By Mhownai - February 07, 2017

Being a homeschooling freak and a full-time mom, no wonder that I sometimes look so losyang and feel so tired all the time. It's just that I'm so comfortable staying at home that I admit, I sometimes forgot to maintain myself. It's a bit TMI I know but it's true, I sometimes forgot to take a bath because I'm just so lazy because I ain't going nowhere. Come on, guys! Don't act like you're haven't taken a bath when you're at the comfort your home? LOL!

Anyways, I really love to use this look every time that I am in a rush (every time) when I just want to go out to run some errands. I can still remember that I also use this kind of look back when I was still studying in MAPUA.

All of the items that I used are all drugstore...

BB Holic from Iwhite Korea- Light 
I really love how this is light weight on my face, I love how easily this product blends on my face.

Eye Conceler from Ever Bilena-  Light
I've been using this since highschool- when I started using make-up and I've never trusted any concealers for a go-to look. 

Nichido Loose Powder
I've been using this because of the best results. This is my second container and I'm still enjoying this brand. 

Nichido Eyebrow Pencil & Spoolie Brush
Actually, the spoolie that I'm using was from the eyebrow pencil from Daiso, I made a review about the product. Unfortunately, I run out of the product that's why I just use the spoolie because the brush is really helpful. 
Nichido Eyebrow Pencil the one that I'm currently using right now, although I loved it because it's not smudging I still prefer the eyebrow pencil from Daiso

Eyebrow Mascara from Daiso- Clear
This is the first eyebrow mascara that I used. To be honest. It works good so far, it stays my eyebrow in place for a good amount of time. 

Wet and Wild Blush (Mellow Wine)
I've been using this shade since I was in college. I love how warm this looks on my face and I bet this looks good on every skin tone. 

Eye Mascara from Ever Bilena
I used this mascara ever since I started using make up. I tried a lot of mascaras, but I will still go back to my very first one. 

Magic Lipstick 
I really love this, I do hope the have a nude shade tho. This stays literally all day long.

Here's the full tutorial..

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